People can be quite dismissive when you suggest that they take up modelling as a hobby, as there is a general perception that model building is a pastime that used to be practiced in a bygone age. You can see why that may be the case, as there is so much entertainment available these days at the touch of button 24/7. However, before you write off the idea for yourself, we’d like to introduce our range of 3D mechanical models, which might just change your perception of what modelling is.

Unique, Patented Designs


What we offer is a world away from plastic Spitfire’s that need to be painstakingly stuck together with model glue. UGears 3D construction kits are entirely made from plywood, which are much more ecologically sound than plastic models and our range features a wide spectrum of innovative, unique, patented designs.

 Let us take you through a number of our fantastic models now, many of which are quite different from what you might be expecting.


The Treasure Box


We start with the absolutely stunning Mechanical Puzzle Treasure Box, which has been expertly created to be a enigma wrapped in a mystery! Believe it or not, this elegant treasure box, which can be used to store jewellery and other valuables, is created completely from laser cut plywood pieces - even down to the cogs and gears inside. As the name suggests, once successfully completed, there is a secret way to open it and it is really popular choice with our customers.


The Tower Windmill


We move now to the Tower Windmill, which offers a glimpse of old England, as it is its design has the 17th Century Chesterton Mill as its foundation. This exquisite mechanical model has an arched base, much like the original which was built by Sir Edward Peyto, Lord of Chesterton Manor. With a Steampunk-style centre and an inner mechanism that is twisted to wind up the internal elastic band motor, its four sails are driven round effortlessly. It’s a fantastically ornamental model that looks great in any home or office and you get to tell everyone “I made that!


The Hurdy-Gurdy


Or what about the fabulous Hurdy Gurdy, which is a fully functioning, playable musical instrument - the first of its kind in the world! This stringed instrument has its origins in the 15th Century and creates a sound similar that produced by bagpipes with a hand-turned mechanism that rubs a wheel against the strings. This wonderful model is like nothing else you’ll find out there and one that you’ll absolutely enjoy putting together and playing afterwards.


Now, be honest. The models you’ve seen aren’t what you expected, are they?


Come and See Our Entire Range!


In addition to representing some of the most interesting models available, UGears mechanical construction kits need no batteries and no glue to be put completed. We have a wide range of designs to suit modellers of all ages and abilities that require no special tools to put together.


If you would like to take a look at our full range, you can see it on our website