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Treat your mum with a memorable Mother’s Day gift

It’s that time of the year again, the period when we show gratitude and appreciation to that special person, the one to whom we owe it all, the person who brought us into this world, the one who has loved us unconditionally, has been there for us since the first day of our lives, that’s none other than our loving mums. We fully understand that no gift in this world can show our gratitude, none can express our love for her, but at least we can try to come close to this, get that which will show her that she is special, we value her love, we appreciate all that she has done for us. Nothing can do this better...

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Spotlight: The Tram Model

The tram is an iconic way of public transport, and many people are not well familiar with it as it is only available in few cities around the world. However, those who have the fascination for constructing mechanical models can have a perfect tramcar system in the showcase of their living room. This vintage model will be a distinctive element for room decoration. The components of the model are made of high quality materials so that the mechanical model is durable. The replica of the full fledged tram service system will remind those who look at it about the old days when people used to travel in the trams. It will be ideal to keep the tram model in the...

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Spotlight: The Safe Model

Children as well as adults who enjoy solving puzzles using construction kits certainly will be delighted when they complete the construction of the Safe model construction kit from UGears. Putting together the self-assembly Safe model is an awesome project for those who enjoy creating structures with artistic beauty. This 3D mechanical model exactly resembles the Safe that we use in homes to keep the valuables. The mechanical Safe model has a combination lock and construction of this model is an excellent activity that keeps a person engaged physically and mentally for a few hours. Building of the UGears mechanical Safe Model is a healthy, exciting and satisfying pastime for people of all age groups. Those who want to shut down...

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Spotlight: The Chronograph

UGears offer the construction kit for making a timekeeping device that is familiar to all – the chronograph. People use the chronograph for accurate recording of time. One can construct the timer model and either present it to their friends or use it as a unique element for interior decoration. The model can also decorate the office room as a vintage time recording device. This working mechanical model of chronograph can be easily adjusted for any time in the range 1 – 20 minutes. The operation of this chronograph model is very easy and simple. By winding up the system the chronograph produces the alarm at the particular point of time. Hence it can be used as a reliable time...

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Spotlight: The Steam Locomotive

The self-assembly models that are created using the UGears construction kits have many outstanding features compare to the models created by other designers of self-assembly kits. All the parts are made of high quality plywood and they are shipped in beautiful design boxes. These new-generation self-assembly kits provide exciting and complex puzzle games that are equally enjoyed by children and elderly people. These construction kits contain numerous components with precise pre-cut details and the models that are created using these parts are truly mechanical and moving. These models are put in motion by way of manual winding. The vintage model The construction of the Steam Locomotive using the UGears self-assembly kits is a challenging as well as interesting task. This...

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