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Spotlight: The Combine Model

While Combine machine is one of the essential pieces of equipment for farmers during harvest season, some people who know little about agriculture may not be familiar with the Combine. The 3D mechanical model of The Combine introduced by UGears is engaging and this construction puzzle kit is very popular among children as well as adults. The Combine model from UGears closely resembles the Harvester and the wheels of the model start to spin when the model is set into motion. The Combine model is powered by a rubber band engine and hence no battery is required to make the Combine move. It is very easy to wind up the engine. One has to either spin the big wheel on...

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Can you think of a better gift for Father's Day?

Gift that will transfer him to the times when you did so much stuff together and the times when he as a kid was building his own first construction kit!  Old-school mechanics bringing generations together. We at UGears have few ideas that will sure put a smile on any Dad's face Here are some suggestions from us: Safe Model The ultimate Father's day gift. Who doesn't want his own Safe with unique 3 digit code? And you get to build it yourself without any glue! Absolute all-rounder.  Steam Train The plywood mechanical prototype of one of the first Steam Trains that can go up to 5 meters without any electricity. Just imagine the joy on his face! UGears Vintage Truck The...

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Spotlight: The Tractor Model

The various 3D construction puzzle kits from UGears are really amazing toys for children as well as adults. The mechanism that is used to assemble the models as well as to operate them is highly sophisticated. The kit does not use any electronic components and all the parts are made of plywood of excellent quality. The parts in the kit can be self-assembled by kids by hands and no additional tools required. The Tractor Model which is built using the UGears kit is highly engaging: these construction kits are very useful for children to nurture their creativity and also to develop interest in mechanical construction. The components of the model are precision cut and can be assembled together to perfection...

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Spotlight: The Engine Model

Children and adults enjoy constructing wooden mechanical models using the construction kits from UGears. The construction kit consists of numerous plywood parts that are laser precision cut to fit together firmly. This is one of the best toys for kids since it is safe, non-hazardous and made of purely natural products. The mechanical construction kit to make The Engine Model will be an awesome gift for the kids on their birthday and also a wonderful gift to loved ones on special occasions. The parts in the kit can be assembled without applying chemical adhesive or glue and the self-assembly model can be constructed on a table without using any special tools. The instruction manual which is a part of the...

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Spotlight: The Truck Model

The 3D mechanical construction kits from UGears became so popular because kids and adults find this game of solving the construction puzzles highly exciting and enjoyable. Once assembled, the models look amazing and it is very interesting to watch the models in operation. While the various models that are made using the UGears construction kits are ideal for interior décor, these construction kits are also ideal birthday gifts for children and are unique gifts for special occasions. The fulfillment and excitement that one gets on completing the task make the time and effort that are put to construct these models really worth it. The Truck Model which is made by assembling the parts provided in the UGears construction kit looks...

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