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Spotlight: The Treasure Box

The Treasure Box is another 3D construction puzzle from UGears which attracts the attention of people of all age groups. This awesome construction kit made of superior quality plywood can be easily self-assembled and no specific tools, glue or chemical adhesives required. This construction kit is designed and manufactured to 100% perfection so that assembling the parts to make the model is an exciting experience. Just as in the other UGears models this gearwheel structure is also amazing when in action. While this mechanical Treasure Box will be a wonderful birthday gift or a real surprise gift on special occasions, it is a very useful addition to offices and work spots. Since the lid of this box can be opened...

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Spotlight: The Flower

The 3D construction puzzles offered by UGears are now very popular among children as well as adults. These construction kits take players to the amazing world of mechanical construction. Easy-to-assemble components which are made of high quality plywood and simple and easy-to-understand instructions inspire the kids and adults to make use of their creativity for constructing various models. The construction kits from UGears provide exciting puzzle games for the entire family. Grand parents can play these puzzle games with their grand children and parents can spend time with their kids solving the construction puzzles. The 3D construction kits offered by UGears are safe, eco-friendly and are easy to assemble. The models that are created using the UGears construction kits can...

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Easter hunt that'll make history!

With UGears Easter hunt can be truly epic! Who says Easter hunt is only for kids? Make it the whole family time spent together with UGears Models.Just think of all those hiding places that you can use with UGears:The Safe - add some safe cracking fun to the hunt!The Steam Locomotive  - there is a place for a very special Easter egg!The Truck Tanker  - just hide those chocolate eggs in the Tanker!UGears models are all about this - uniting families and generations, coming back to sustainable materials and to what is real and true.We are sure you will find a perfect gift for yourself and your family from our range at 

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Presents for 5th Wedding Anniversary

Fifth anniversary is a special stage in couple's life. They are already not “just married” however not together as a family for a very long time. The first years of marriage do put a foundation for a strong family. Financially families are usually moved in new home. Most couples have at least first child by that time and it is incredible period to enjoy life after being settled and having a baby to look after. Interestingly the tradition of celebrating wedding anniversaries dates back to Holy Roman Empire times when husband presented silver wreath to his wife on the 25th anniversary. The tradition not only remained but evolved and nowadays every year anniversary has its meaning and suggested gift. The...

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Treat your mum with a memorable Mother’s Day gift

It’s that time of the year again, the period when we show gratitude and appreciation to that special person, the one to whom we owe it all, the person who brought us into this world, the one who has loved us unconditionally, has been there for us since the first day of our lives, that’s none other than our loving mums. We fully understand that no gift in this world can show our gratitude, none can express our love for her, but at least we can try to come close to this, get that which will show her that she is special, we value her love, we appreciate all that she has done for us. Nothing can do this better...

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