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Stuck for What to Buy the Hobbyist in Your Life for their Birthday? How About a Ugears Gift Card?

If the hobbyist in your life is proving particularly difficult to shop for when it comes to birthday gifts, then we’d like to introduce the UGears Gift card for your consideration. Available in £25, £50 & £100 denominations, our gift cards are a great way to take all of the guesswork out of the process, as it allows them to choose exactly what they want from our fantastic range of 3D mechanical models. And what choice your loved one will have when they look through our website! For example, they could opt for a spot of classic motoring in the form of the U-9 Grand Prix Car or indulge in a little equine-based modelling with the stunning Horse Mechanoid. However,...

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Relive the Big Day with The Royal Wedding Carriage from Ugears

The marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was an event watched around the world by millions and it was the glitz, glamour and sheer majesty of the occasion that made it so appealing to so many. The good news is that whether you were lucky enough to be present on the big day or not, the UGears Royal Wedding Carriage mechanical 3D model lets you recreate the occasion in the comfort of your own home.   Battery-free Motion   Unlike many traditional types of models, the Royal Wedding Carriage is not just a delightfully elegant ornament to display prominently in your living room. This model is able to move, just like the real one did, with Harry and Meghan...

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The Combine Harvester from Ugears - The Perfect Blend of Engineering Precision & Modelling Joy

  Being a fan of agricultural machinery will certainly help you appreciate the Combine Harvester 3D mechanical model from UGears, but it’s by no means a necessity. That’s because even to the uninitiated, it looks incredible when either sat stationary or in full flight. When in motion, this fantastic mechanical model can be quite mesmerising as all the intricate workings move just like its much larger, life-size counterpart.   Battery-Free Motion   Usually, when a model is able to move on its own, there are batteries involved, but our Combine Harvester - and this is true of all of the models in our range - is able to achieve independent motion without the need for electrical power. That’s because it...

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Satisfy Your Engineering Urges with The Tanker Truck 3D Mechanical Model from Ugears

If you’re someone with a passion for engines, gears and cogs, then you’re likely to be on the lookout for ways to satisfy your engineering creativity. Traditional model building as a hobby does go some way to helping curb a person’s appetite for expressing engineering skill, but the limitations of conventional plastic models, that most of us are familiar with, tend to only mildly satisfy the creative urge. Three-dimensional mechanical models from UGears, however, have bucked this trend because of their ingenuity, craftsmanship and the sheer joy that assembling one brings. In this blog, we take a look at our Tanker Truck model, which has a working 4-cylinder engine, is designed to perfectly house a 0.33l can and would you...

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Take a Break from it All with 3D Mechanical Models from Ugears

In the modern day, we all lead extremely busy lives with rest and relaxation being well and truly relegated down to the bottom of our list of priorities. Now, the thing about rest and relaxation is that it’s vital to health and wellbeing because when we don’t have it, we become more stressed, fatigued and if experienced over a longer period, ill. So, with relaxation and nourishing the soul in mind, we’d like to introduce our fantastic range of 3-dimensional plywood models that are as stunningly beautiful when completed as they are entertaining to assemble.  Keep reading to discover a brand of modelling that’s not only a break from the norm but perhaps even a revolutionary step in the hobby...

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