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Just Launched: The New Tram Line Model!

UGears has been successful in revolutionizing the world of toys with their mechanical 3D puzzle kits which are now popular all over the world. The mechanical 3D puzzle kits from UGears have created a class of toys which are loved by everyone. These puzzle kits are very educating and entertaining for kids but adults can enjoy them too. After constructing the models such as Tractor, Steam Locomotive, Safe, Theatre, etc, people take the pride of displaying the models created by them in the showcases of their living-rooms or workplaces. The mechanical 3D puzzle kits from UGears enable the school-going children to improve their creativity and nurture their interest in mechanical engineering. The Mechanical Town Series from UGears UGears are now...

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Spotlight: Geneva Drive

The mechanical puzzle kits offered by UGears are now very popular and among the numerous models that are designed for self-assembly, the Dynamometer is one of the models that is enjoyed and appreciated by large number of people including children and adults. Dynamometer is an instrument which measures force, torque, or power.  UGears named the model “Geneva Drive” since the mechanical device was invented in the City of Geneva. Originally the Geneva Drive was used to manufacture clocks. Assembling all the 48 parts and constructing the Geneva Drive model is indeed an awesome puzzle game for people of all age groups. The parts are made of superior quality plywood and no tools are required to assemble them. The parts are...

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Spotlight: Combination Lock

The Combination Lock is another awesome mechanical 3D puzzle from UGears which is based on the principle of “The Da Vinci Code”. This construction kit from UGears consists of 34 components made of premium quality plywood. All the parts are precision cut and can be assembled without applying glue or other adhesives. The Combination Lock model is designed for self-assembly and no tools are required for assembling the parts. This is an interesting and exciting mechanical 3D puzzle game for the school going children and even elderly people. The components are made exclusively of natural products this playing kit is 100% environmental-friendly and also safe for kids to play. Those who assemble the components and construct the Combination Lock model...

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Fathers’ Day Presents from UGears

Just like the gifts for other occasions the Father’ Day gift also should match father’s interests and passions. Everybody is very particular of giving the best as well as the most exciting gift to their father on Fathers’ Day. There are various sources that provide a lot of gift ideas and now everyone is in a hurry to place their order online for the gift item for his or her dad. Normally, the fathers may not be expecting any electronic gift items since they might have received a lot of them already. This year let us ensure that we give our fathers the best gift they have ever had, one which will make them to sit and relax for a...

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Spotlight: The Combine Model

While Combine machine is one of the essential pieces of equipment for farmers during harvest season, some people who know little about agriculture may not be familiar with the Combine. The 3D mechanical model of The Combine introduced by UGears is engaging and this construction puzzle kit is very popular among children as well as adults. The Combine model from UGears closely resembles the Harvester and the wheels of the model start to spin when the model is set into motion. The Combine model is powered by a rubber band engine and hence no battery is required to make the Combine move. It is very easy to wind up the engine. One has to either spin the big wheel on...

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