There have been some incredibly iconic vehicles created throughout history, from the Space Shuttle to the Formula 1 car. However, none are more iconic than  - the Valkyrja by Veter - you get a chance to own one of your own.
Valkyrja helicopter Bell UH-1 Iroquois by Veter Models
Veter model building kits for adults are known for their intricate detail and realistic functions and much work has been put into developing and testing this one. Complete with working rotors that are powered by its own internal clockwork engine, this is a 20th-century aviation classic that fans of engineering and world history will surely love.

A Form That’s True to the Original
Valkyrja helicopter Bell UH-1 Iroquois by Veter Models
When glancing at the completed model, it’s easy to see the hard work that has gone into making this one of the most authentic model kits for adults you’ll find anywhere. Its unmistakable form is one that’s extremely close to the original, right down to the way its doors open and its functional flight controls that manoeuvre the helicopter’s main rotors.

You can almost hear ‘Paint it Black’ by the Rolling Stones playing in the background when viewing this popular model, so realistic is its design. What’s more, it’s a piece of history that you get to put together with your own two hands - adding an extra dimension to the enjoyment on offer - and it’s one you’ll want to display to everyone on the included stand.

A Living Breathing Example of Engineering
Valkyrja helicopter Bell UH-1 Iroquois by Veter Models
It’s after completion that the true spirit of Veter model building kits come to life and that’s absolutely true with the Valkyrja. With large main rotor blades and tail rotors that spring into action thanks to the internal clockwork motor, it instantly adds realism to this amazing creation - and it’s something you get to see appear with every piece you add.

As one of the most advanced model building kits for adults in the Veter range, the Valkyrja is certainly a wonderful challenge for seasoned modellers to take on. Don’t worry though if you’re new to modelling, as there are many incredibly stimulating model building kits for beginners available from Veter that offer just as much enjoyment.

The Best Model Building Kits Money Can Buy

The Valkyrja is a masterpiece from the innovators at Veter and we’re proud to include it in our range. At MechanicalModels, we offer a wide range of the best model kits for adults that money can buy, with many hours of fun to be had. To see more from this manufacturer or others like Time For Machine, Ugears and Rokr, visit us today at

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