You’ve probably not thought about mechanical model kits for Mother's Day, but you really should, as they represent a treat she'll certainly remember.
Simon's coffee - DIY dollhouse scale model diorama kit by Rolife

When most people think of modelling as a hobby, they tend to think of little plastic planes that only nerds are truly interested in putting together. However, those that think this way clearly haven't seen the stunning mechanical model kits that have come onto the market in recent years. As such, they now have such broad appeal that they can even be considered great Mother's Day presents!

Covering an incredibly diverse range of themes and styles, the latest mechanical model kits for adults have evolved into something that everyone will want to get involved in - including Mum! So, come with us now as we look at some great examples of what we mean to show you that mechanical model puzzle products have come on a long way in recent years.

Gorgeously Decadent Model Building Kits

At Mechanical Models, we offer a wide range of products from the biggest and best model manufacturers in the world. Here’s just a selection of what's on offer.
 Treasure Box Secrets of Egypt by Veter Models
● Our first delectable option is the Treasure Box Secrets of Egypt by Veter. Adorned with the image of the Great Queen Nefertiti from the 18th Dynasty, this is a 3D mechanical model puzzle that's as fun to piece together as it is to use as a place to hide valuables. Featuring a unique 4-way opening mechanism, jewellery coins and even keys have a truly secret place to reside!
Pendulum Clock - mechanical model by ROKR
● Next, we look at the Pendulum Clock by Rokr, which is a simply gorgeous mechanical model puzzle that provides enormous satisfaction. Being able to point towards what is a wonderfully ornate wooden clockwork creation and - that actually measures time! - and being able to say "Yes, I made that" is quite the gift to give to anyone!

● Let’s be honest, most Mums you ask will tell you that they loved the epic romantic movie that was Titanic. So, what better way to ensure their eyes light up on Mother's Day than with a model simply dubbed Lost at Sea Ocean Ship by Metal Time? This is one of the most stunning mechanical model kits you’ll find.

As we can see, these model kits are a mile away from the perception that many people have for the hobby that is model making. These are next-level modelling experiences that have a broad appeal that cannot be ignored - which also includes Mother's Day. So, why not at least consider one as a meaningful gift for the occasion?

Make This Mother's Day One to Remember

It’s pretty evident that there's been something of an evolution in model-making in recent years, so if you’d like to see our extensive full range of mechanical model kits for yourself, you simply need to visit us today at There you'll find a dazzling array of options from which we’re sure you'll find something great.

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