With Christmas just a few weeks away now, it’s time for everyone to start thinking about the gifts they want to get for their loved ones at this special time of year. The good news is that there’s something singularly unique on offer that has extremely broad appeal and it comes in the form of Veter Puzzle kits for adults.
Wooden mechanical model kits
Created with sustainable timber and plastic parts, we’re talking about models that transcend any preconceived ideas you might have about modelling. These 3D puzzles for adults feature real moving parts powered by internal spring drives and require absolutely no glue to put together - so no more sticky fingers!

Let's take a closer look at the wide appeal that these incredible puzzles for adults have and the range of people who are likely to appreciate them as gifts!

Perfect For Puzzle Lovers

It goes without saying that puzzles for adults would be ideal for lovers of puzzles, but when you see options like the Thunderstorm Express Locomotive, you realise that it takes the hobby to an entirely new level.

Unlike when gifting a jigsaw puzzle for adults to someone at Christmas, the fun with these models continues even after you’ve finished putting them together! This type of enjoyment is perfect for grannies, grandads and parents alike - plus it’s much more interesting than a jigsaw!

Ideal For Petrol Heads

Do you have a petrol head in the family? Perhaps a son, daughter or brother that simply loves all things automotive? Well, Veter options like the Racer V3 represent the ideal gift for those with diesel in their veins!
Racer V3 by Veter Models
Formula one is the pinnacle of motor sport, so what better way to show that person you love them than to give them puzzle kits for adults like this one? Their eyes are sure to light up Christmas morning if you do!

Fans of Grace & Beauty

Ok, so this is quite a general category, but who doesn’t appreciate grace and beauty? The fact is that this is built into each and every one of Veter’s puzzle kits for adults, which can be seen in the amazing Speedster V2.
Speedster V2 by Veter Models
Take a peek under the hood and you’ll find a spring driven 8 cylinder engine that actually works! Wind up the internal mechanism and you’ll get to see all the cogs and wheels moving in perfect unison - it’s a truly beautiful thing to witness!

A Gift That Just Keeps Giving & Giving & Giving

The great thing about Veter puzzles for adults is that they can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone, regardless of skill, age or previous modelling experience. What’s more, they last for years and can be played with to your heart’s content - making quite an attractive home ornament once you’re finished.

Chopper-V1 by Veter Models
So, if you would like to know more about these amazing models that are a fantastic alternative to the unimaginative, predictable presents people tend to give when struggling for ideas. To find out more, simply visit us online today at www.mechanicalmodels.co.uk. There you’ll also find captivating 3D models from the most innovative and interesting manufacturers currently on the market.

If you have any problems choosing from the wide selection of options available, we’re more than happy to help you decide. Just enter your details into our contact form and as soon as we’ve received your enquiry, we’ll get back as soon as humanly possible.