Aeronautics and space flight are subjects that have long inspired the imagination, with the spirit of human endeavour being pushed to its outer limits. If you’re a fan of all things aviation, then we have some amazing mechanical model kits that you’ll love.
Starbreeze Explorer - metal mechanical model by Time For Machine
Transcending the perception that many have for the captivating hobby, these mechanical model kits for adults take the pastime to the next level. To illustrate what we mean, we now take you through some of the amazing items on offer.

Magnificent Flying Machines!

The mechanical model puzzle options available in our range cover the entire history of man’s attempts to conquer the skies. We have choices that depict the very early days of powered flight, all the way through to vehicles capable of space travel.

Let’s take a look the available models…
 Air Vehicle - mechanical model by ROKR
Our first example is Rokr’s Air Vehicle that’s based on the very first type of vehicle that was capable of powered flight. Reminiscent of the glory days of the dirigible, it features the craft’s familiar design, complete with inner-mechanisms that drive its working front propellor. This 349-piece model is a popular one with our customers.

Fly Like the Red Baron!

Next we look at The Aviator from Ugears that’s based on an early 20th century bi-plane - the type that was flown during World War One by the likes of the Red Baron. This is one of the more complex mechanical model kits in our range and it actually puts control of the aircraft in your hands through your very own joystick!

Create Your Own Spitfire!
SpeedFighter by Veter Models
Moving forward around 40 years, we find ourselves in the next era of flight - giving rise to super-fast aircraft like the Speed Figher from Veter. With the same stylings as the iconic British spitfire, this wonderful model features realistic landing gear and a working 4-piston engine that allows the craft to move under its own power!

One Small Step For Man…
 Starbreeze Explorer - metal mechanical model by Time For Machine
The last of our flying-themed mechanical model kits for adults is the Starbreeze Explorer from Time for Machine which has more than a passing resemblance to the craft used in the Challenger space missions of the 80s and 90s. It has its own impressive stand, working cargo bay doors and an inner clockwork engine that brings it all to life!

Next-Level Mechanical Model Kits For All Ages

What we’re talking about here is something of a revolution in the world of modelling - one that’s changed the hobby forever. For anyone with a love for aviation, the mechanical model kits for adults we’ve mentioned offer a fascinating and enjoyable modelling experience.

However, these are just the aviation-themed models we offer and our entire collection features a myriad of great options from the biggest names in the industry. We have something for all interests, skill levels and ages, which you can find out more about by visiting us today at

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