Want to gift something healthier for the mind and body for your loved ones this Easter? Then, consider one of some of our many mechanical model kits.

Easter is one of those times of year when you get to spend time with your loved ones and there’s usually quite a bit of unhealthy snacking going on due to all the chocolate eggs! One familiar challenge that this period brings is how to avoid the boredom that comes along with Easter Sunday afternoon. That’s where mechanical model kits come in very handy.

As tasty as sweets and chocolates are during this holiday, they don't last long, and with most things behind closed, it can leave you either watching Netflix or with nothing to do. As such, a great gift for anyone this Easter comes in the form of mechanical model kits for adults, which stimulate the mind and leave no room for boredom.

Unlike the transient pleasure of chocolates, these mechanical marvels offer hours of fun and joy and allow the owner to appreciate them for years afterwards. Putting them together also helps to develop fine motor skills. Much better, wouldn't you say?

Mechanical Model Kits - Better For Your Teeth & Waistline!

Of course, these mechanical model puzzle kits are much better for your teeth and waistline, but they're also much more than that. The creations we're about to look at take hobby modelling to the next level as they’re living, breathing examples of supreme engineering.

Bolid by Wooden City

The first great Easter gift is Bolid by Wooden City. Representing an F1 car in looks and action, this is one of the best mechanical model kits for the petrol heads in your life. Able to move under its own power for many metres on a single wind, it’s hard to comprehend that this model is made entirely from eco-friendly wood!

The Dazzling Steamliner by Time for Machine

Another amazing example of engineering magnificence is the Dazzling Steamliner by Time for Machine. Comprised of 256 pieces, this is one of the more challenging mechanical model kits for adults you’ll find and the finished article is so impressive. It takes hours to put together, but the owner will be able to enjoy it for many years afterwards.

The Steampunk Clock by Ugears

Something a little more sedate but no less impressive is the Steampunk Clock by Ugears. Combining amazing mechanics with the sophistication of watchmaking, this mechanical model kit features just 43 pieces and takes only an hour to piece together. As such, it’s a great Easter gift as a way to introduce hobby modelling to a loved one.

The Treasure Box by Veter

If you have a loved one who's into the mysteries of Egypt, then you might want to take a look at the Treasure Box by Veter. Featuring 174 pieces, it offers a glimpse into this glorious age and makes for a very nice, eye-catching home ornament. Again, made from eco-friendly materials, you'll make someone's Easter with a gift like this.

Crafting Easter Memories, One Piece at a Time

When you gift mechanical model kits like these to your loved ones, you give them something that can last a lifetime. As well as being healthier, they offer something that chocolate and candy can't - an illustration that you've given some real thought to the gift and literally hours and hours of interesting activity.

This has just been a small selection of the wide array of products available on our website, so why not take a browse yourself to see the full scope of what’s possible with mechanical model puzzle products? Alternatively, If you have questions prior to making your purchase, just enter your details into our contact form, and we'll do our best to reply as quickly as possible.