Have you ever engaged in modelling before? Well, if you have, there’s a good chance that it involved sticky fingers, frayed tempers and a completed result that breaks easily. That’s what many people associate with the pastime. However, try mechanical model kits from Time For Machine and you get an entirely different experience.
Glorius cabrio mechanical model metal kit
Given that no glue or in fact, any type of adhesive is required to piece together any of the mechanical model kits for adults produced by Time For Machine (TFM), you’re guaranteed not to have sticky fingers after you’re done. And in terms of flimsiness, TFM products are manufactured from polished stainless steel, so they’re designed to last for many years after they’re completed.

The Glorious Cabrio 2

So, to the model this blog is about, the Glorious Cabrio 2, one of the most amazing and elegant mechanical model puzzle kits you’re ever likely to encounter. Reminiscent of one of the most famous cars ever made - the Rolls Royce Phantom - this model is a classic that will appeal to not just car enthusiasts, but also anyone with an appreciation for the beauty of engineering design.
Glorious Cabrio 2 - metal mechanical model by Time For Machine
What’s more, this is no static corporate ornament either, which is why it falls into the category of mechanical model kits. This wonderful creation is one that comes with its own working internal clockwork engine (one you can see in action by opening its working bonnet), allowing it to move under its own power, adding a whole new dimension to the fun being provided.

Years to Appreciate What You’ve Created

As we previously mentioned, mechanical model kits from Time For Machine are robust when compared to traditional plastic varieties. That means that after the enjoyment of putting them together, they’re hard-wearing enough to stand up to being played with - and believe us when we say you’ll want to from time to time!
Glorious Cabrio 2 - metal mechanical model by Time For Machine
There’s no doubt that the Glorious Cabrio 2 looks great as a home or office decoration, but being able to play with it as well - well, that’s something that appeals to the kid in us all! Invest in any of the fantastic mechanical model puzzle products from TFM and you get something you get to appreciate for many years to come.

Invest In Your Spare Time With Mechanical Model Kits

So, if you’re fed up with nothing to do in your spare time, why not inject some stimulation and excitement with one of these amazing mechanical model puzzle products? You’ll find this one and many more like it from the biggest name brands in the modelling world by visiting us today at www.mechanicalmodels.co.uk.

Alternatively, if you have any problems deciding which one to buy (and there are many to choose from), we’re happy to lend a helping hand. All you need to do to obtain the answers you need is get in touch with our friendly team today, something you can do by filling your name and details of your enquiry in our contact form.