With Father’s Day fast approaching, people all everywhere are scouring the internet for interesting gifts to make Dads and Grandads feel loved and special. In this blog, we look at the amazing model kits for adults that we offer - kits that are not only highly stimulating and enjoyable to construct, but also about as eco-friendly as they come.

Created from responsibly sourced plywood sheets and requiring no glue or any type of adhesive to put together, these hobby kits for men are a sight to behold. Their designs are truly stunning, demonstrating the engineering skill it took to make them. To illustrate what we mean, we now examine a few examples.

Example #1 - The Tugboat from Ugears
Tugboat - build your own moving model by UGears
Our first example is the Tugboat by Ugears, which is a beautifully accurate representation of those hard-working vessels that have the power to drag ocean liners into place. While it might not be sea-worthy, this imaginatively-designed craft really moves over flat ground, thanks to its innovative wooden wind-up engine.

When you look at this beautiful mechanical model puzzle and take in all of its moving parts, it’s hard not to be impressed that it’s made entirely out of wood!

Example #2 - The Pendulum from Wooden City

Next, we have the Pendulum from Wooden City, which is certainly at the advanced end of the spectrum in terms of modelling complexity. Able to track time in the same way classic pendulum wall clocks can and featuring wonderfully ornate and intricate stylings, this is one of those hobby kits for men that inspires creativity in us all.

Again, when you see its wonderful curved lines and the smooth swing of the pendulum as it drives the cogs around, it beggars belief that all this is possible using just that environmentally material that is wood.

Example #3 - The Air Vehicle from Rokr
Air Vehicle - mechanical model by ROKR
The last of the delightful model building kits for adults that we look at for Father’s Day is the Air Vehicle from Rokr. Reminiscent of craft from the very earliest days of passenger air travel, this 349-piece creation has a clockwork mechanism (again made entirely from wood) that drives the propellor and all of its inner workings.

A true masterpiece of engineering that offers broad appeal whether the giftee is an experienced modeller or not. This, like all of our hobby kits for men is stunning, amazingly fun to piece together and super environmentally-friendly.

Incredible Models With Great Green Credentials

Consider the three model kits for adults we’ve covered here and think for a second that none of the above requires glue to construct. No nails, screws, nor adhesive are required to create truly impressive-looking results, regardless of whether your Dad or Grandpa have ever modelled before. You can protect the planet AND give him something he’ll love this Father’s Day.

However, this is just a tiny selection of our entire range that features models from the biggest and best manufacturers in the industry today. To see our full range in all its glory, simply head over to www.mechanicalmodels.co.uk where you’ll see creations from Time For Machine, Wooden City, Ugears, Rokr, Veter and more.

Alternatively, to speak to us about anything else, give us a call on 01926 864282 or fill out our contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.