Feeling stumped about what to get your Dad or Grandad this Father’s Day? Then you’re not on your own, as finding a meaningful gift that’s not socks or aftershave can be difficult. The good news is that mechanical model kits from Wooden City are the ideal choice to show that you care enough to find something new, something different.

the city tram with rails model kit

These fascinating creations come from the innovative designers over at Wooden City and they’re truly a sight to behold, whether you’re a keen modeller or not. Perhaps the hardest thing about buying one of these mentally stimulating mechanical model kits for adults for Dad or Grandad is letting go of them and not giving them a go yourself!

Magnificent, Thought-Provoking Mechanical Model Kits

the racing bolid mechanical model kit

If you’ve never seen a Wooden City model for yourself before, you’re probably wondering what it is that makes them so special. Well, the answer to that particular poser can be answered by just describing a couple of the choices available. First off, we’ve got the Bolid Racing Car, which is an amazing recreation of a Formula 1 racing car and just like all the models from this range, it’s able to move on its own!
v engine mechanical model kit
Then we have the V8 Engine, which is exactly what it sounds like. An engine, entirely made of wood?! Sounds crazy, right? Well, that’s precisely what it is and it has 8 working pistons that fire up just like the real thing when you set the rubber band-powered internal mechanism into motion - a great option for those petrol head Dads out there!

kinetic picture mechanical model kit

Or what about the Kinetic Picture that presents a simply incredible moving image, mesmerising the viewer as its internal mechanism whizzes around in poetic motion. These mechanical model kits are already amazing, but when you think that all this has been achieved from sheets of regular plywood, they get even more fantastic!

They’re Super Eco-Friendly Mechanical Model Kits Too!
London bus mechanical model kit
If your family finds environmental protection important, then Wooden City mechanical model kits for adults will really impress you! That’s because in addition to everything we’ve already mentioned, they’re about as eco-friendly as they come, as they are made almost entirely from responsibly sourced plywood from sustainable forests.

Not only that, but these models require no glue to put together and contain absolutely no plastic - so they don’t contribute to the growing problem in our oceans. The only thing you’ll find in the box that isn’t made of wood is the rubber band that models with engines use to create motion. You really can’t get much more eco-friendly than that!

Why Not Surprise Dad This Year With Something Different?

So, if you’d like something different this year that’s not the usual socks, slippers or aftershave, then Wooden City mechanical model kits are the ideal choice. The great thing about them is that they get to be enjoyed on the day and for many years afterwards, as these models are designed to be admired AND played with. To find your ideal Father’s Day gift, come and look at the entire range located on our website www.mechanicalmodels.co.uk today.

Alternatively, should you have any questions for us before you buy or if you want some advice on choosing the right model, simply fill your details into our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we receive your enquiry. That’s it from us this time. Check back with us soon for more from the intriguing and enjoyable world of mechanical modelling!