Looking for something the whole family will love this Easter that isn't made of chocolate? Check out the amazing model building kits  we have in store!

 As Easter approaches, thoughts turn to the memories that we'll create with our families during this festive period. Gifts passed from one to another at Easter time allow us to show each other how much we care and in modern model building kits, you get a gift that lives long in the memory - unlike chocolate eggs, which don't even last past the weekend!

At MechanicalModels.co.uk, we stock a large range of model kits for adults and children alike - meaning we have something for everyone in your family. We'll take a look at a few examples of what we mean as we pass through this article, showing you the sheer breadth of options available. So, without further delay, let’s get started!

Model Building Kits for Seniors, Youngsters & More!

We mean it when we say that there is something for everyone in our range. There are metal model kits for adults and children, as well as some made out of responsibly-sourced plywood. We'll begin with an Easter present for dad…

● For DAD: Sailor's Companion Lighthouse by Metal Time - our first example of engineering excellence is the Sailor’s Companion Lighthouse by Metal Time. This realistic representation of a working lighthouse from yesteryear is sure to delight Dad on Easter morning - particularly as he'll have something to show off to people when they come around! It truly is a gift that keeps on giving!
Magic Clock - mechanical model by Wooden City
● For MUM: Magic Clock by Wooden City - next up, we have something for Mum this Easter, in the form of Magic Clock by Wooden City. This is one of the most delightful model building kits you’ll find anywhere, featuring a fully-functioning wooden clockwork machine that can measure time and looks great hung on the wall! All this in a gift that won't affect Mum’s waistline.
Kathy's green house - DIY Dollhouse scale model diorama kit by Rolife
● For BROTHER/SISTER: a change of pace now as we look at something that will appeal to any brothers and sisters you might want to treat this Easter. Kathy’s Greenhouse is one of the many scale diorama model building kits offered by Rolife. With so many beautifully realistic details, this is a model that allows your siblings’ creative sides to come out in the best way possible!

● For GRANDPARENTS & AUNTIES/UNCLES: Last on our list in this blog is the Antique Box by Ugears. This intricate 3D wooden puzzle is laser-cut from eco-friendly plywood to create an ornament your grandparents, aunties and uncles can use to store their valuables. That’s not to mention the hours of modelling fun they’ll have putting it together - of which there will be many.

While we've categorised the model kits for adults shown you here, but in reality, any of the models shown here can appeal to anyone, regardless of age or gender. That’s the beauty of these amazing creations - they’re loved by many.

Why Not Take a Different Route This Easter?

The model kits we've shown you here in this blog are just a tiny fraction of those you can find by visiting us online at www.mechanicalmodels.co.uk. We’ve got model building kits for beginners, seasoned modellers and everyone else in between. So, why not give something they’re not expecting this year? You might be surprised by their reaction.

If, however, you have any questions you’d like to ask before purchasing one of our amazing model kits for adults and children for someone you love this easter, just call 01926 864282 where you’ll find a friendly member of our team. Alternatively, email hello@mechanicalmodels.co.uk, and we’ll respond without delay!

That’s it from us. All that’s left to say is Happy Easter! We hope you have a great one.