With Christmas just five months away, it’s time for online retailers to start scouring the market for products that will be a hit with customers. The good news is that captivating, innovative and truly jaw-dropping options exist in the form of best-selling model building kits for adults from ROKR from Mechanical Models.

Vitascope - model kit by ROKR

The fact is that in this intensely digital age we live in that’s full of mobile phones, tablets and smartwatches, many consumers have become tired of technology and crave an ultimately more wholesome pastime. Rokr model building kits very much meet that need and it will show with the keen interest your store will get when stocking them yourself.

So, what’s so special about these model building kits?

Truly Innovative Designs
Air Vehicle - mechanical model by ROKR
What it is that online consumers are looking for during the Christmas period? That’s right, something different, something thoughtful that’s not available on the high street. Rokr model building kits for adults are not just innovative, they’re captivating, not just because of their clear beauty, but also because of the intricate nature of their design.

We’re talking about a real X factor here and you only have to take a look at an example like the Harbinger Rover to see exactly what we mean.

Broad Consumer Appeal

Mechanical model kit Rokr

There was once a time when model building was for a particular type of seasoned modeller who didn’t mind getting glue all over their table and fingers. However, companies like Rokr have changed all that and offer model building kits for beginners like The Marble Explorer, as well as much more complex options like The Locomotive, so everyone is covered.

So, when you stock Rokr products, you get something that appeals to all kinds of buyers. Whether talking about a gift for a Nephew, a Grandma or even a work colleague, you’ll get a wide range of customers interested in what you offer.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Plywood mechanical model kits

Modern consumers are increasingly becoming invested in only buying products that don’t negatively impact the natural environment. Well, Roker models tick that box too, as they’re made almost exclusively from responsibly sourced plywood.

Laser cut from sheets of high quality plywood, they’re able to be slotted together without the need for glue or any other kind of toxic adhesive. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that these might be one of the most eco-friendly model building kits on the market.

Set Your Retail Store Apart From the Competition

Rokr model kits from Mechanical models display

When you have top quality products like those made by Rokr in your store, you can’t help but set yourself apart from your competition. What’s more, getting hold of them is super easy too, as all you need to do is sign up for a wholesale account with us, which you can do by dropping us a line to hello@mechanicalmodels.co.uk and talking to a friendly member of our team.

Alternatively, if you’d like to know more about Rokr and the other models we stock created by the biggest and brightest names in the model-making world, just visit us online at www.mechanicalmodels.co.uk and take a look. We’re sure that once you see them, you’ll understand exactly why they’re so popular with the public.