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Spotlight: The Tractor Model

The various 3D construction puzzle kits from UGears are really amazing toys for children as well as adults. The mechanism that is used to assemble the models as well as to operate them is highly sophisticated. The kit does not use any electronic components and all the parts are made of plywood of excellent quality. The parts in the kit can be self-assembled by kids by hands and no additional tools required. The Tractor Model which is built using the UGears kit is highly engaging: these construction kits are very useful for children to nurture their creativity and also to develop interest in mechanical construction. The components of the model are precision cut and can be assembled together to perfection...

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Spotlight: The Treasure Box

The Treasure Box is another 3D construction puzzle from UGears which attracts the attention of people of all age groups. This awesome construction kit made of superior quality plywood can be easily self-assembled and no specific tools, glue or chemical adhesives required. This construction kit is designed and manufactured to 100% perfection so that assembling the parts to make the model is an exciting experience. Just as in the other UGears models this gearwheel structure is also amazing when in action. While this mechanical Treasure Box will be a wonderful birthday gift or a real surprise gift on special occasions, it is a very useful addition to offices and work spots. Since the lid of this box can be opened...

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Spotlight: The Steam Locomotive

The self-assembly models that are created using the UGears construction kits have many outstanding features compare to the models created by other designers of self-assembly kits. All the parts are made of high quality plywood and they are shipped in beautiful design boxes. These new-generation self-assembly kits provide exciting and complex puzzle games that are equally enjoyed by children and elderly people. These construction kits contain numerous components with precise pre-cut details and the models that are created using these parts are truly mechanical and moving. These models are put in motion by way of manual winding. The vintage model The construction of the Steam Locomotive using the UGears self-assembly kits is a challenging as well as interesting task. This...

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Get exited - It's Dad o'clock!

12 Days to go till your rushed "Best Dad" mug online order or becoming the best son/daughter in the world! is full to the brim with the ultimate Father's Day gift ideas. Our unique mechanical construction kits will win the heart of any boy - whatever age! Here are just few of the suggestions for today: The enchanting one This genius construction kit will keep your Dad satisfied both during the assembly and in action when used as all-wooden mechanical Timer!  The Ultimate One It will be hard to find a Dad that would say no to this one. It has everything - old-school nostalgia, amazing design and mechanical Locomotive that goes up to 5 meters without any electronics! The one for bankers...

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The Most Epic Gift Ideas for Father's Day You Never Knew Existed

Quick! Father’s day is right around the corner. The special man in your life, whether your dad or the father of the household deserves to feel appreciation on the one day that is dedicated solely to him! As every parent knows, raising a child is hard – and that’s an understatement. The dad in your life needs a little down time because in between coaching the softball team, taking the little ones to gymnastics and reading bedtime stories, dads often forget to take some well-needed time alone to do what they love. Ugears has you covered with awesome gift ideas for Father’s day that let the special man in your life truly just enjoy the day.     Men and...

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