Are you struggling to come up with present ideas for Christmas? Does the person in your life have everything they need, making it difficult it think of something that will make their face light up on Christmas morning? Well, why not take a few moments to consider a truly stunning range of 3D puzzles for adults created by the talented people at Wooden City?

Sure, you could go for that tried and trusted option of Xmas slippers or a bottle of their favourite tipple, but what we're talking about here is pure magic in a box! These amazing puzzle kits for adults need to be seen to be believed. These are no mere jigsaw puzzles or novelty toys that get forgotten within a few days. These are something else entirely.

Seeing Is Believing With Wooden City 3D Puzzles

As just mentioned, Wooden City 3D puzzles for adults need to be seen to be believed, so what better way to illustrate their appeal than to show you some examples of what we mean? So, let's dive in and see just a few of the options in the Wooden City range.
 Bolid - mechanical model by Wooden City
 The Bolid Racing Car - the first example is the Bolid Racing Car, which is a living, breathing representation of a real-life Formula 1 racing car. Not only does it look just like the real thing, but it also has an inner inertial mechanism, wheels that turn and a wooden engine that can propel it along for several metres on a single wind. Great for the auto-enthusiast in your life.
Ferris Wheel
★ The Ferris Wheel - the next jigsaw puzzle for adults we bring you is the Ferris Wheel, which brings to mind the traditional enjoyment of a fair. This intricate creation moves just like its real-world counterpart and even has a secret compartment underneath for those important keepsakes you want to keep safe. Hours of fun are available while you make it, as well as years of enjoyment playing with it afterwards.
 Kinetic picture
 The Kinetic Picture - we don't mind saying that our example is a little mesmerising - because it was designed to be! The Kinetic Picture is a wondrous option that creates moving pictures as its inner clockwork components whiz around in perfect harmony. This model is great fun to construct and makes the ideal talking point for any social gathering, and the owner gets to say they made it with their own two hands!
Wooden Express with rails - mechanical model by Wooden City
 The Wooden Express - the last of our puzzles for adults is the Wooden Express which takes us back to the Wild West in the early 19th century. Think of the early days of cattle rustling and gunfights at the O.K. Corral, and you get a feel for what this model offers. Once again, like all the products available from Wooden City, this puzzle moves under its own steam thanks to an internal engine that the user gets to construct.

Wooden City 3D Puzzles For Adults Put Smiles on Faces!

When you throw in the fact that these great Wooden City puzzle kits for adults can be put together without the need for glue or adhesives of any kind, you realise how innovative their designs are. They're created from responsibly-sourced timber stocks, too, so you can be sure your gift to them has had little to no impact on the environment.

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