Treasure box - build your own working model by UGears

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Treasure Box

An exquisite Mechanical Puzzle Box for jewellery and notes. The true jewel of Ugears collection of wooden models. The delicate through-carved work of its lid and sides invites you to gain a glimpse into the mystery that the moving gears conceal.  

Although only the one who can solve the secrets of the puzzle-box will get to enjoy the treasure of beautiful mechanics in its action. One would imagine that in order to open the box, we’d need a key – and the key is right there, beautifully embedded in the carved lid. All you need to do to take it out is to slightly turn the key clockwise. Although, getting the key is only a part of the puzzle. To set the gears in motion, before taking the key out, you need to unblock the mechanism that lifts the lid by turning the key counter-clockwise.  

Treasure Box: # of component parts is 190
Treasure Box: # of component parts is 190

When all the secrets are revealed and the box is opened, inside you will find a small compartment for jewellery, notes and other small items. You may be sure, your treasures and secrets are safe with the new Ugears Treasure Box.


Model Size: 5,6*5,6*3,6 in (14,2*14,2*9,1 cm)

Package size: 14,6*6.7*1,3 in (37*17*3,3 cm)

Number of components: 190

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Helen B.
United Kingdom

Treasure Box

My 17 year old put it together for his birthday. Unfortunately the gears were too stiff to turn so it doesn’t work. He told me the instructions recommend using a wax candle to lubricate pieces as you build. Think a wax candle ought to be in the kit and be told to be used as part of the build process.

Emma P.
United Kingdom


This website is absolutely amazing fantastic the stuff that you can buy I often get things for my partner who loves would work and puzzles I just can't speak more highly about this website u gears. Its AMAZING highly recommend for all ages. And there is always something new on there I'm something interesting you'll be interested in


A Fantasic Product!

My daughter loves trinket boxes and making things and so I bought it for her for xmas 2017, but we didn't really get a chance to make it right away. Eventually we did and on opening the box we thought wow this looks complicated! However, after spending a few minutes reading the manual (which is superbly clear) realised only a moderate amount of concentration would be fine. My daughter was 8 when we started and other than assisting here and there (mostly pushing the dowel type things in) she got it fairly easily. The manual is like following Lego, which is great! Once complete, we were amazed at how rigid it felt, and that it wouldn't fall apart. To think about all the cogs that are moving inside that were all put together individually gives her great pride. Its a shame that it couldn't be transparent! :-) It does however now take pride of place in her room! Definitely got other products in mind for xmas 2018!!

Mark V.
United Kingdom

Treasure box to build

A excellent product very good quality and something very different bought as birthday present for someone who loves unusual things to build. The product was ordered and delivered within 24 hrs as promised will definitely purchase products from UGears mechanical again highly recommended.

Clare S.
United Kingdom

Treasure Box

Bought as a present and the recipient is delighted with it.

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