At UGears, we have many interesting and wonderful three-dimensional mechanical models in our range, each with its own amazingly unique characteristics for model builders around the world to enjoy. However, in this blog, we take a closer look at one in particular - the Treasure Box.

This intricate mechanical model is a beautiful example of what it’s possible to create when you combine simple laser cut plywood with engineering excellence. You could say that this particular puzzle model is the jewel in the crown of our collection, thanks to its classic, ornate design.

Keepsakes within a Keepsake

The Treasure Box is like every other model in the UGears range in that it requires no glue to piece together and no batteries to drive movement. Where it differs is that it offers more than a hint of mystery and represents a keepsake that you can use to keep your other keepsakes safe in.

Upon first glance, you could be forgiven for wondering where the key is that fits the lock on the front of the box. As you’ll no doubt discover as you assemble this impressive model, the key is cleverly hidden within the lid of the treasure box.

 Intricate Moving Parts


You’ll only find out how to release the key by treating this special treasure box like a puzzle that needs to be solved. There will be a particular piece that needs to be pushed or pulled in a certain direction to operate the mechanism and you’ll have great delight in getting friends and family to try and work it out!

Once you’ve solved the riddle and found the key, the opening mechanism is as intricate as it is captivating, as the wheels and cogs dutifully turn in unison to open the box. The fact that this is all made possible in a plywood model that can be pressed out at home by relative novices to the modelling world is testament to the minds and engineering brilliance that created them.

What’s more, this exquisite model serves not only as an intriguing challenge to the keen modeller in everyone, but also as an ornament, a talking point and an ecologically sound pastime. Every model in our range is made from wood sourced from sustainable forest stocks, with the only man-made elements included being an elastic band or two or a piece of twine, depending on the model.

Excellence in Engineering


At UGears, we are proud of the range of models we have created for the enjoyment of our customers. Our global brand has added a new dimension to the modelling world, with a range of products that are able to move under their own power with no electrical assistance. They are an unashamed celebration of the analogue in a digital age.

If you would like to see more of our range of precision engineered 3D models, take a look at our website, where you’ll find an array of stunning designs. If you’d like any advice on choosing the best model for your modelling skill level, give us a call on 01926 864282 and one of our team will be happy to help.

Thanks for reading. We’ll be back again soon with more from the captivating world of four dimensional modelling*

*3D + Motion = 4D