Great Mother’s Day gifts to make are handcrafted items that are beautiful and have a level of daily utility. UGears Mechanical Models are such gifts that you can make for your wife or mother. Hide an additional surprise in the Mechanical Model to up the ante in making the dear woman in your life feel very special. Mechanical Models are 3D puzzles that are fun to set up and will surely have you hooked in no time. The precision cut wooden puzzle pieces need no special tools or glue to stick together. The ingenious designs are made with high grade plywood and are environmentally friendly. Choose from a variety of Mechanical Models that will suit the taste, style, and sensibilities of your loved one.

Here are recommended UGears Mechanical Models for Mother’s Day gifts for your special lady:

  1. Combination Lock
 A Mechanical Model that will make Leonardo Da Vinci proud, or may even impress the makers of the Da Vinci Code. It is UGears version of Cryptex Model, a combination lock consisting of 2 parts. It opens with a 3-digit combination. You can hide a precious gift inside such as a key, USB flash drive, or jewelry. The 3-digit combination is created during the process of building the Cryptex model and you can create from 1000 composites, you’ll also learn about the modern combination lock principle.
  1. Mechanical Theatre
 Make your wife a mini theatre that she can display on the mantle or table. UGears Mechanical Theatre comes with popular characters and theatrical elements such as a Prince, Princess, King, Castle, Witch, Dragon, Treasure Chest, and Jester. The intricate details make the characters and elements pop as you spin the wheel.
  1. Chronograph and Geneva Drive
 If your wife or mother is fond of old-fashioned watches, she will appreciate any of these two Mechanical Models. The Chronograph is the old-fashioned watch and stop-watch. It is still used in many time-pieces today. Build this timekeeping device for your loved one. The Geneva Drive is a world-renowned apparatus used for manufacturing clocks. Its main function is to prevent the springs from being wounded too tightly. These are great centerpieces on a coffee table or mantle that your wife or mother will surely appreciate.
  1. Mechanical Treasure Box
 The beauty and elegance of the Treasure Box is at the top of the list of UGears Mechanical Models for its delicately carved design on the lid and sides of the cube, waiting to be opened to reveal the insides of the box. Beautiful carvings and intricate mechanics make it very elegant and a one of kind gift item that will be treasured and loved for a long time.

UGears Mechanical Models are adult and child friendly, a great way to engage in family activities away from modern gadgets. Like any arts and crafts activity, these models increase focus and release happy transmitters in the brain. When you make your dear wife or mother a beautiful Mechanical Model you are also gaining more with the use of your mind. Here are the positive effects of creative and crafting endeavors:

  • Crafting and creative activities improve memory and attention spans while widening the visual perception, increasing creativity and problem-solving abilities.
  • It reduces the risk of cognitive impairment by 30% to 50%.
  • You are building a buffer to battle dementia by increasing the complexity of your brain.

Think of the benefits you gain when you give your mother or wife a gift that she’ll love and lets you engage in crafts.