You want to give the very first love of your life, a.k.a. Mum, a Mother’s Day gift that will spark her interest in doing crafts. She’s not so keen on needlework, knitting or painting, so the best thing is an easy introduction to crafting that’s fun to assemble without the hassle of using any tools or adhesive. She’ll feel a sense of accomplishment upon seeing the fruits of her labor. UGears Mechanical Models are the perfect Mother’s Day gift. The puzzle pieces connect with one another to form a mechanical model, such as a Treasure Box, Mechanical Box, Chronograph, or Blooming Flower. Their intricate details make them perfect as centerpieces in different parts of the house, useful and, more importantly, crafty enough to keep your mum busy for hours.

Treasure Box

UGears Treasure Box is a beautiful mechanical puzzle for storing jewelry and your mother’s knick-knacks. The delicate carvings will surely catch mum’s attention, as will watching how the mechanical gears work their magic in opening to reveal the inside of the box. It is truly the premier product among UGears Mechanical Models that can find its place on a dresser or coffee table, reminding your mum what a treasure she is in your life.

Mechanical Box

Another box that will surely find its way into your mum’s heart is the Mechanical Box. She can use it to store her everyday jewelry or as an office desk design piece to put in small items such as clips and tacks. It works by pulling the lever on the side to open the box to reveal its contents. It is a beautiful work of mechanical art.


The UGears Chronograph is a great Mother’s Day gift that will ignite a passion for crafts. The vintage piece that records time will capture anyone’s attention, and it is easy to assemble without any tools or adhesive. The puzzle pieces restore the magic of arts and crafts, and the mechanical artistry of a stopwatch without the use of modern tech, just old-fashioned mechanics, is captivating.

Blooming Flower

The Blooming Flower will surely capture your mum’s heart as the mechanical model works its magic to open the bud exposing a ballerina or pedestal inside. It is an ideal Mother’s Day gift that is intricately cut with high precision to ensure easy assembly and seamless mechanical operation. Each puzzle piece is made from strong plywood and devised to be built without the use of glue. It is a great display piece to hold favorite rings or bracelets in place or as a centerpiece on a coffee table for visitors to see and marvel at.

The Benefits of Craft Work for Your Mum

UGears Mechanical Models are perfect Mother’s Day gifts for beginner crafters to wake up the passion to do something to help her relax and feel a sense of accomplishment upon seeing the final product. As the mind practices a craft, the therapeutic effect is the same as meditating or yoga (without too much physical exertion), decreasing stress and helping to prevent inflammation. Your mother’s daily grind of taking care of the house, children, and working, puts both her body and mind in continuous stress mode. The progressive action of crafting switches on the parasympathetic nervous system, subduing the “fight or flight” response and thus relaxing the mind and body.

Give your favorite person a special Mother’s Day gift with UGears Mechanical Models. Introduce her to crafting – she’ll find it relaxing and feel a sense of accomplishment after seeing her finished work.