Model train enthusiasm is, of course, nothing new, but at UGears, we have a range of mechanical models that adds an extra dimension to the hobby. Our products feature a number of items that will most certainly appeal to those with a passion for railways and the machines that use them.


Let’s take a closer look at what we mean.


The V-Express Steam Train With Tender

 Locomotive with Tender

The first model on our list is the V-Express Steam Train with Tender, which looks as if plucked straight out of the Industrial Age. Complete with a steam engine, tender and almost 2 ½ metres of train track to use, this wonderful 3-dimensional mechanical model offers more than just a glimpse of how these fantastic machines used to be the workhorse of the Victorian transport age.


As with all UGears plywood models, this one just needs to be wound up to be set into life. Once it is, you’ll see all the mesmerising cogs, gears, flywheels and pistons moving in poetic unison.


The Locomotive & Platform

 Locomotive and Platform

If you enjoy the full model railway experience, complete with sidings and model conductors, then you’re going to love the Locomotive & Platform. As the name suggests, this model comes complete with locomotive and a wonderfully authentic reproduction of a European-style train platform.


It’s been expertly reproduced with benches, lamps and even a platform clock. It’s a model that is sure to get pulses racing with train enthusiasts everywhere.


Rails & Crossing

 Rails and Crossing

One of the reasons why model trains are so popular is that you get to actually play with them. That means having enough track to really put your Ugears mechanical models through their paces. That’s why our Rails & Crossing product is the ideal thing for doing just that.


This model kit comes with 4 metres of track, a fully-working train crossing with stops signs and lever-operated barriers. The perfect accompaniment to any UGears train model.


Ecological, Simple, Captivating


If the UGears range of mechanical puzzles and models wasn’t already impressive enough, the fact that they can be constructed without the need for any kind of adhesive and can operate without needing batteries makes them even more so. Every single model in our range is created from ecologically sourced plywood and the laser cut pieces are so accurately crafted that they can be assembled with no glue, meaning no sticky fingers!


If you’d like to find out more about what makes UGears models so popular, you should head over to our website www.ugears.online, where you’ll find a wide variety of mechanical models to satisfy even the most experienced of model-builders. If after browsing through, you need any help deciding which is the right one for you and your skill level, give our friendly team a call on +44192 686 4282 and they’ll be more than happy to assist.


Thanks for taking the time out to read our blog. We’ll be back soon with more from the engrossing world of 3-D modelling.

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