You would be right in thinking that there are many varieties of model kits available on the market, each with their own features and benefits, but at UGears, we know that we offer a singularly unique product that you won’t find anywhere else. Our 3D mechanical model kits are not only super-green, incredibly fun to make and stunning once complete, but the fact that many are able to move under the own power, without the need for batteries, puts them in a class of their own.


We’ll take you through a few examples of what we mean shortly, but before we do, we’d like to tell you about what makes our models that bit different from what you might expect. UGears mechanical construction kits are:


  • Completely created from plywood, sourced from sustainably managed forests
  • Assembled using absolutely no adhesives or glue
  • Self-propelled using elastic band motors
  • Suitable for all ages and model-building abilities
  • Created using laser cutting that is so precise that each piece fits snugly into each other - which is why no glue is needed
  • Holders of the 2018 Family Choice Award for their innovative design


So, you can see that UGears is not your typical model company. Now we take a look at a few of our popular mechanical models that are able to move under the own steam.


The U9 Grand Prix Car


This fantastic replica of the U9 Grand Prix Car will appeal to petrol heads everywhere as it really does invoke thoughts of roaring engines and the speed of the racetrack. This is because it has a wind up mechanism that drives its 16 valve V8 engine, complete with working pistons and idle, reverse and forward gears. It also features rubberised wheels and a spring-suspended fork, meaning it has a long driving range and incredible acceleration. It truly is a car-lover’s dream!


The Steam Locomotive


Another wonderful moving model from our range comes in the form of the Steam Locomotive, which offers real satisfaction to anyone who completes it. Featuring a massive gear array, asymmetrical pistons and full functionality in the driver’s cab, you get the full 19th century locomotive experience - minus the steam. This beauty is able to move several metres under its own power along its tracks whilst you marvel at the internal moving parts inside.


The Tram Line Model


Or what about making yourself an entire mechanical town with our Tram Line model, complete with 14 separate, smaller models. This popular model includes an overhead pantograph, tram station, rails, passengers and a moving tram with operating doors. You even get to create a 180 degree turntable. All this made from just plywood and elastic bands.


Like to See the Full UGears Range?


As you’ve seen, the innovative designs that form our range are like no others available on the market. They’re easy to make, good to the environment and offer a 3 dimensional model building experience unlike anything else available. If you’d like to see our full range of mechanical construction kits, then head over to


If you need any assistance in choosing from our range, then you can get in touch by calling us on +441926 864282, emailing us at or by entering your details into our contact form or via our Facebook page.


We thank you for reading our blog and we’ll back soon with more from the world of mechanical model building.