We are delighted to share great news with you. UGears Grand Prix Car was featured in the "Good Wood" article in the March Issue of the BBC Top GearUGears Grand Prix Car in BBC Top Gear Magazine
Top Gears says "Forget Lego - this is a build-your-own kit that takes it to the next level. Beautifully crafted with wooden components, U-9 Grand Prix Car model set produces a fully functioning and moving machine with a transmission switching the modes between idle, reverse, and race ahead. Under the bonnet you'll find a delicately crafted 16-valve V8 engine, plus spring-mounted suspension cork and rubberised wheels ensuring smoothbut rapid acceleration and a long driving range..."
UGears Grand prix car in Top Gear Magazine
We say: Entering into this racing season, UGEARS presents its latest creation and a new fascinating addition to its car fleet: U-9 Grand Prix Car. The thrill of speed, roar of engines, wheel to wheel battles and shiny frames flashing before the eyes of wildly excited audience of the early car races as well as the historical heritage of the first Grand Prix and its impact on the twentieth century automobile industry inspired UGEARS to create this new amazing model and share our passion with you.
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