UGears eco-friendly models

When we started our mechanical modelling business back in 2014, we were driven by a desire to revolutionise the hobby as a whole and to introduce a whole new generation to the fun and stimulation of engineering. We currently live in a world where digital forms of entertainment have largely taken over, but we’re here to tell you that model building is back in a big way and that it comes in a form you might not be expecting.


That’s because our models aren’t like any you may have seen in the past. Ours contain no plastics, no adhesives and no batteries whatsoever, yet they look simply stunning when assembled and are even self-powered. What’s even more amazing is that 99.9% of the materials made in our gorgeous 3D mechanical models come from a single sheet of sustainably sourced plywood, with the only exception to that rule being the elastic bands and twine that is used in models that require it.


100% Eco-Friendly

 Eco-friendly Models

The general public is as savvy and educated in green matters as it has ever been and products are under increasing scrutiny to prove their ecological sustainability. Well, the UGears brand has no problem exceeding the minimum standards of eco-viability, as not only do our models contain nothing but naturally sourced materials, the plywood used itself comes from sustainably managed forest stocks. You don’t need to worry about the environmental impact either, as our range of mechanical models causes no damage whatsoever to our ecosystem, unlike those made using plastics.


Super Stimulating - Super Popular

 Popular UGears Model

Until we came along, model building as a hobby was in a slow, but steady decline, having suffered greatly since the advent of the internet and all the things that came with it. The UGears revolution, however, has halted that decline and is inspiring more people to turn back to an analogue pastime that puts people back in touch with something that’s in all of us - the desire to create.


Each one of our 3D mechanical plywood models has been designed to look amazing (both when stationary and in motion), inspire the mind and nourish the soul - something you’ll completely understand when your completed model is sitting in front of you. Our models have actually become so popular that you can now find them at Disney Parks and in John Lewis department stores.


Come See What the Fuss is About


Until you see a UGears model for yourself, you won’t fully appreciate just how amazing they are, which is why we encourage anyone who’s yet to lay eyes on one to head over to our website There you’ll find our entire range of windmills, cars, trucks, trains and so much more. Our designers considered the whole spectrum of possible hobbyists, which is why within our range you’ll find models for all ages and skill levels.


If after looking through, you’re having trouble deciding which is the right one for you or a loved one, why not give us a call on +441926 864282 now? Our friendly team are ready and waiting to help guide you to your ideal model choice.


Thanks for reading. We hope that our blog has helped in some small way to reconnect you with your inner artist.