If you’re an enthusiast of clockwork mechanisms and your idea of an afternoon’s entertainment is taking an old clock or timepiece apart, then we think that we have something that might just pique your interest. That’s because, at UGears, our mechanical models offer that same experience, with the only real difference being that you’re creating something instead of dismantling it.

 So, if you would like to discover how you can combine your interest in clock workings with a new model building hobby, we encourage you to read on while we take you through a few of our innovative model designs.

The Classic Chronograph

Our elegant Chronograph replicates the classic timepiece that has long been known as an accurate way of telling the time. This beautiful mechanical model can be set to run for up to 20 minutes, thanks to its inner elastic band-driven motor and its super-efficient roller pendulum. All this with no batteries and no glue - a true engineering classic.

The Theatre

Whilst there is much to enjoy about playing with our completed Theatre Model, to the lover of all things clockwork, the joy is putting this fantastic mechanical model together. That’s because it’s a beautifully intricate 3D puzzle that will keep you interested for hours, as you edge closer to seeing the end result. This superb mechanical model features a range of characters in a Persian design, which come to life when you spin the drive wheel. A fun model for adults and kids alike.

The Date Navigator

Or perhaps you’d like to try your hand at creating your very own Date Navigator. This interesting model comes with a Steampunk internal mechanism and it allows the person using it to work out exactly what day of the week any date will be from now until 2044! It’s simple to put together, even for kids and you’ll enjoy playing with it for years.

Other Ugears Benefits

 As well as being arguably the most impressive looking models available, Ugears models have a number of extra benefits:

  • They’re made almost completely from plywood, meaning they’re really eco-friendly
  • There’s no glue used in their construction
  • Our models are robust and will last for years
  • All moving parts are driven by elastic band power, so need for batteries
  • The wood they’re created from is entirely sourced from sustainable forest stocks

UGears models are mess-free, stress-free and represent a model building experience like no other. If you’d like to see our full range of stunning 3D mechanical model kits, then you should look through our website www.ugears.online.

So, if you’re someone who appreciates the magic of clockwork mechanisms, come and take a look at what we have to offer. You might be surprised at what you find!

 Fancy looking at the whole range of our mechanical models? View all of our mechanical models here!