Being a fan of agricultural machinery will certainly help you appreciate the Combine Harvester 3D mechanical model from UGears, but it’s by no means a necessity. That’s because even to the uninitiated, it looks incredible when either sat stationary or in full flight. When in motion, this fantastic mechanical model can be quite mesmerising as all the intricate workings move just like its much larger, life-size counterpart.


Battery-Free Motion


Usually, when a model is able to move on its own, there are batteries involved, but our Combine Harvester - and this is true of all of the models in our range - is able to achieve independent motion without the need for electrical power. That’s because it has been expertly designed to only require a simple elastic band that’s wound up by pulling the model backwards and releasing it.


Plywood Engineering


When the trademark harvesting reel of the combine is motion, it’s easy to forget that the entire mechanism, right down to the cogs and driveshaft that propel this model forwards are made from a single sheet of plywood. Every piece is so precisely cut that all the user has to do is press each piece out and slot them together, meaning that there’s no mess and absolutely no annoying sticky, gluey fingers!

Traditional types of plastic models are pretty bad for the environment when you think about it, as not only is glue required for their assembly, but they’re completely made out of non-recyclable plastics. We’ve all seen the problems with plastic pollution in our world’s ocean, so the last thing we need is more.


Attention to Detail


The intricate detail of our combine harvester mechanical model is there for all to see. The driver’s cabin looks realistic with its own working handbrake and there’s even a secret compartment with its own special lever to open it. It’s the perfect place to put a secret note for the one you love before you send the combine harvester in their direction.

There’s real attention to detail inside our 3D mechanical model combine too, as the design allows a clear view of the inner workings as they whirr and whizz round. Great pleasure is gained from knowing you put something so intricate and beautiful together with your own hands and you also get to show it off somewhere prominent in your home or office and impress people by saying “Yes, I made that”.


Want to See More?


In the modelling world, there really is nothing quite like our 3 dimensional, eco-friendly plywood mechanical creations and if you’d like to see our full range, you can by visiting us online at and if you find it just too hard to choose between those available either for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, call us now on +441926 864282 and one of our friendly team will be more than happy to help in any way they can.


Thanks for reading. Check back with us soon for more from the fantastic world of UGears model making.