Blooming Flower Model

If you’ve ever been able to appreciate the beauty in engineering in the same way you would in nature, then you’ll know that they don’t usually occupy the same space. That is, of course, unless you are talking about the Blooming Flower 3D mechanical model from UGears which offers bucket loads of both.


Bearing more than a passing resemblance to a clockwork music box that has been merged with a flower, this fantastic 3D mechanical model is entirely made out of plywood and requires absolutely no adhesives, nails or screws to piece together. It comes with a changeable centrepiece of either a beautiful ballerina, a ring holder or a pedestal and it’s the perfect place to keep and display your jewellery.


Achievable Elegance


Despite looking simply stunning once completed, this wonderfully ornate and delicate model can be assembled in just a couple of hours and is achievable even to those without any model-building experience. It moves too - as you’ll see if you follow the link above - as when you twist the base, the petals open up to showcase whatever it is you’ve placed in the middle.


Eco-Friendly Modelling Fun

 UGears Mechanical Flower Model

As well as looking like an organic structure, this model is also about as environmentally-friendly as you could possibly imagine, as it’s made from plywood that’s been sourced from managed forests. It contains absolutely no plastic or glue, meaning that it’s completely fashioned from biodegradable, natural materials! The only exception you might find in any of the models from our range might be an elastic band or two that are used to power the engines.


The Start of a New Hobby?

 Flower Model

Our 3D mechanical models aren’t like anything else you’ll find on the market and this is something that has drawn people into a hobby they might not have considered otherwise. Not only is the assembly of our models simpler and cleaner than traditional plastic modelling, but the end result is much sturdier than you might expect, meaning that you can play with your creation afterwards without fear of breaking it easily.


We’ve been told by many of our customers that our models have given them not only an appreciation for engineering, but also for a hobby that they didn’t think they’d get into beforehand. Our models are also equally at home as an ornament as they are as a plaything, which we believe, is what gives them such broad appeal.


If you’d like to learn more about anything described here, head over to our website where you’ll find our entire range of stunning models. We’re also available if you need any advice on which of our models is the best one for your own particular needs and you can contact us by phone +44192 686 4282 or by email on


Thanks for reading. We hope that our blog has shown you that not all 21st-century pastimes have to take place via a smartphone or a computer screen.