If you’re someone with propellers in your blood and planes in your DNA, then we have the ideal model-building experience for you. Created solely from laser-cut plywood, the Aviator is a complex mechanical model and something that will satiate even the most ardent of aviation enthusiasts.

At UGears, we have a range of models for all ages and skill levels and whilst we know that all of our models are suitable for most people, the Aviator is at the trickier end of the scale in terms of assembly. The effort of constructing it, however, is well worth it as it will provide much in the way of enjoyment to the user.

Three Modules

One of the reasons that the Aviator 3D mechanical model is one of the most challenging is that it is comprised of three intricate parts. Firstly, you have the aeroplane, the helicopter and the control tower and your job as the flight controller is to adjust the joystick part of the model to change the altitude, speed and direction of your aircraft. It’s entirely up to you whether or not you want to dress up as Biggles while you do it!

Whilst both aircraft are exciting to try out, we’d recommend you try out the helicopter attachment to begin with, as its a little easier to keep under control. However, whichever you control from your UGears model cockpit is guaranteed to offer thrills, spills and aviation-based joy.

Attention to Detail

The impressive aesthetics of this UGears model are quite something when viewed from a few feet away, but when you look at the attention to detail of each individual element, you realise the work that has gone into creating it. For example, the helicopter has doors that open, front and rear rotors that spin as it flies and even a pilot sat in the cockpit.

The same can be said of the plane attachment, which spins around faster than the chopper, as it has a propeller that’s driven around by an impressively intricate 5 piston motor. It’s this dedication to excellence that makes UGears models popular all around the world.

Brilliant but Simple

We believe that the only thing more impressive than the pure modelling joy that UGears products offer to modellers around the world is the fact that all this achieved with no requirement for battery power or glue. Every one of our three-dimensional model designs starts with a simple sheet of plywood with the imagination and skill of our engineering team turning it into a living breathing thing.

The Aviator is just one example of the amazing models that our guys produce and if you’d like to see more from our extensive range, you should head over to our website www.ugears.online, where you’ll find vehicles, treasure boxes and a whole array of plywood curiosities.

However, if you’d like a chat with one of our friendly expert team, call us now on +44192 686 4282 and we will be delighted to help you make your choice.

We appreciate you reading our blog. Come back soon for more from the stimulating world of eco-friendly, engineering fun!