Arch Ballista

If your childhood was a time when you spent much of your time playing outside and creating your own little battle scenes with whatever you could find in the garden, then the Arch Ballista 3D mechanical model from Ugears will certainly appeal to you, as it offers much in terms of play and nostalgia.

Inspired by medieval warcraft, this fantastic plywood model offers a glimpse into the distant past, as well as providing both a rewarding model experience and a way to assuage any desires you have to engage in exciting battle re-enactments that don’t involve knocking your next door neighbour’s fence down!

Mechanical Mastery


Not only is the Arch Ballista a great example of what happens when engineering skill is combined with eco-friendly, natural materials, but it also represents a fantastic toy with which to try a bit of DIY home ballistics. This fantastic mechanical model has impressive, intricate working cogs and mechanisms to help extend the main body up to its fullest height, at which point you get to adjust the flight and the direction of the catapult, so that the projectile reaches its intended target.

The broad appeal that has made the Arch Ballista so popular with our customers is the fact that it provides a blend of modelling fun and the chance to play with it for hours afterwards. All of our models have this quality, as well as being equally at home being shown off as a front room centerpiece or ornament in a display case.

Good For the Environment

Every model in the UGears range of mechanical creations is fashioned from sustainably sourced sheets of plywood, which have been expertly and precisely laser cut to the perfect size. That’s not all either, as each piece has been crafted so exactly that there is absolutely no need for adhesives to put them together. So no plastic, no glue and guess batteries either.

The only thing you’ll find in a UGears model that isn’t made from plywood are the small number of rubber bands that allow them to move under their own power. All things considered, our models are about as eco-friendly as it’s possible to be!


Come and Check Out the Full Range!


If what you’ve seen here has piqued your interest, we would heartily recommend you come and take a look at our full range of models. Visit us online at and you’ll see the Arch Ballista, as well as the Roadster, the Treasure Box and many more wonderful three-dimensional mechanical models and puzzles..

If after looking through, you simply can’t decide which is the best one for you, then you can give our friendly team a call on +44192 686 4282 and they’ll be delighted to provide you with more information to help you make your choice.

As always, we’re full of appreciation for anyone that reads our blog. We hope it has shown that there is still life in the traditional hobby that is modelling. Check back with us soon to hear more about what some are calling the next step in modelling evolution.