In the modern day, we all lead extremely busy lives with rest and relaxation being well and truly relegated down to the bottom of our list of priorities. Now, the thing about rest and relaxation is that it’s vital to health and wellbeing because when we don’t have it, we become more stressed, fatigued and if experienced over a longer period, ill.

So, with relaxation and nourishing the soul in mind, we’d like to introduce our fantastic range of 3-dimensional plywood models that are as stunningly beautiful when completed as they are entertaining to assemble.  Keep reading to discover a brand of modelling that’s not only a break from the norm but perhaps even a revolutionary step in the hobby as a whole.


Aesthetically Brilliant

The first thing that strikes you when you lay your eyes upon a UGears model is the simply stunning aesthetic that’s common throughout our range. For instance, when you look at models like the Tower Windmill and the Heavy Boy Truck, you soon realise that you’re not talking about traditional types of models at all.

The work and engineering skill that has gone into creating each one shines through, especially when you consider that our models are able to move under their own power, have intricate inner workings and require no glue, nails or batteries to put together and operate. Not only that, but each piece of every one of our mechanical models is laser cut from responsibly sourced plywood - so they’re incredibly eco-friendly as well.


Stress-Busting Assembly

Our engineers created our amazing range of mechanical models with hobby enjoyment at the forefront of their minds. Whether you’re someone who likes to take your time making models or you see it as a challenge to assemble them as quickly as you can, there is just so much soul-nurturing enjoyment to be had. And once you’ve finished, you get the pride and satisfaction of knowing that you made the beautiful creation sitting in front of you.

At UGears, we are a globally recognised brand and you only have to take a brief look through some of our many customer reviews to see what people think about our products and what they offer. You can have a look at our reviews on Trustpilot here.


Come and See Our Full Range

If you’d like to learn more about what we’ve spoken about here, come and visit us online at, where you’ll find our entire range of innovative designs for all ages and skill levels. We guarantee that each of our models will impress your friends and family and provide you with hours worth of relaxing modelling enjoyment.

If, however, you’d like some expert advice to help you choose the right model for your needs, you can speak to our friendly team on +441926 864282, who are on hand to help you in any way they can.

So, if you’re in search of some hobbying fun to reduce your stress levels and inject some relaxation into your routine, come and take a look at what we offer, as we are sure that you won’t find models like ours anywhere else.