As UGears mechanical puzzles fandom around the world is growing by thousands every day, we are set to keep you exited with the new mind-blowing models coming out along the way. This September we will present you - UGears Truck!

Why get exited?

As we grow our models are growing with us and they become more intricate and more ...well amazing. The truck will feature:

  • The four-cylinder engine propelled by the crankshaft that draws its power from a fully-functional drive shaft turned by a rubber band engine via a system of gears.
  • 3 modes - forward, backward and idle, which can be activated using the gear change lever on the side.
  • If you wish to observe the UGM-11’s operational mode, switch on the engine in idle mode to check out the four pistons moving under the folding hood.
  • You can also peek via the cabin door – you will notice the fully functioning steering wheel connected via a steering column to the front wheels suspension.
  • The rubber band engine winds up with a lever mechanism on top of the cabin and a working gas pedal heightens the realistic aspect of this construction kit.
  • The “open structure” is chosen purposely so the basics of the advanced design can be fully appreciated.
  • No need to use glue or special tools as the parts are self-assembled – just follow directions and connect the parts accordingly. 

Please click on the picture for the video!

How to get it?

We will open a pre-order page on our official website and can let you know when it's open if you are subscribed to our mailing list!

Watch the space and be ready to pre-order it soon at