Mother’s Day is a few months away, but it is best to look for gifts for the women in your life sooner rather than later. The best Mother’s Day gifts for 2018 are high in aesthetic and utility. UGears Mechanical Models offer beauty and usefulness that will amaze and keep your mother or wife amused for a long time. If you are new to crafts, these Mechanical Models are just right for you. They are easy to construct with detailed instructions, and tools and glue are completely unnecessary. The 3D puzzles connect each piece with precision. UGears uses laser cutting instruments to carve each puzzle piece from high-grade plywood for strength, and to ensure no rust or corrosion. Depending on the intricacy of design and use, each model can be assembled in a mere 30 minutes to a few hours.

Here are UGears Mechanical Models’ Best Mother’s Day Gifts for 2018:

  1. Blooming Flower
 This is one of the best Mother’s Day gift considering how women love flowers. Blooming Flower’s mechanism is placed at the bottom of the bud. Twisting the base of bud makes it bloom, revealing the petals and the ballerina dancing at the center or a pedestal to hold necklace, bracelet, or rings.
  1. Geneva Drive
 If the women in your life like old-fashioned watches, the Geneva Drive is perfect because it is the old-fashioned instrument used in clock making to prevent the springs from being wound too tightly. It works by blanking off one of its slots. The winder can be turned a specific number of times. It is a vintage piece for clock or watch collectors.
  • Date Navigator - The Mechanical Date Navigator will keep your mother from losing her sense of time. She can plan and keep appointments with the year and day set from 2017 to 2044. It has a Steampunk planetary mechanism that is turned to tell the exact date.
  • Mechanical Box - Small items such as duplicate keys, clips and tacks are easily misplaced. Pull the lever and the lid opens. This was inspired by cubby holes and tiny boxes in old-fashioned desks for storing little things for safe keeping.
  • Hurdy Gurdy
 This medieval musical instrument is revived to provide music and entertainment for the whole family. The UGears version’s delicate details pay homage to the Hurdy Gurdy’s rich history. This is a beautiful decorative piece in any home as well as an entertaining one when played. Enjoy the feel of Medieval Europe with the first of its kind 3D puzzle.
 The Theatre is composed of characters and elements. The mechanism allows for the rotation of the Princess, Prince, King and Dragon together with a Witch, Castle and Treasure Chest with one spin of the wheel.
  • Safe - The Mechanical Safe is the exact copy of its bigger counterparts. It also comes with the traditional figure coded lock. The lock combination is provided in the kit. When closing, just close the safe door and turn the handle counter clockwise. It is useful for keeping valuables, including documents.
  • Combination Lock - The Da Vinci Code inspired Cryptex Code Model assembles easily. You’ll enjoy assembling this for your girl while learning about the principles of a combination lock. It is great model to keep small items such as spare keys or USB flash drives, or even jewelry.

You can choose any of these UGears Mechanical Models as your Mother’s Day gift for your wife, mother, or sister. Each mechanism is especially designed to bring out the creativity of mechanical instruments long before digital technology took over. They will surely appreciate the artistry and uniqueness in design both aesthetically and mechanically. And you will also enjoy the process of putting these together for or with them.