When you buy a 3D mechanical model from UGears, you get everything you need to put it together. You get all the pieces (obviously) and a full-colour instruction manual and well, that’s it, as each model can be assembled without the need for messy glue, nails or screws. Each precision-cut piece of plywood simply slots into the next thanks to the highly-accurate laser cutter that’s used in their production.


However, we understand that not everyone gets on with manuals, as some people learn visually and others prefer to be physically shown. This is just one of the many reasons that we operate our YouTube channel which is the place to find video tutorials on how to put each one of our wonderful 3D mechanical models together from start to finish! That’s right, you heard right - from start to finish.


Some of the videos on our channel are over 8 hours long and that’s because we show you how each individual piece fits together! Every single one!


Subscribing Comes with Benefits

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So far, the UGears YouTube channel has more than 25,000 subscribers, who not only get full tutorials on how to put our 3D mechanical models together but also get notified when new videos are published relating to new and exciting 3D mechanical plywood models that we release into our range. It’s the perfect way to find out all about what’s new from the company that we think is changing the face of the model-making forever.


What Makes Us Different?


Well, we’ve already mentioned that our 3D plywood mechanical models are about environmentally friendly as they come, but that’s not all, as they come with a multitude of other benefits. Firstly, our models are able to move under their own power, meaning that no batteries are required. A simple rubber band is all that’s needed for our fantastic models to achieve graceful movement and that’s when you get to see the very best of them.


Our clever designers have created models that showcase the intricate inner workings, so you get to see each piston, drive shaft and flywheel moving in synchronous and beautiful unison. That’s when you really get to understand how amazing it is that it’s all created from a single sheet of plywood.


Like to Try One for Yourself?


As we’ve said, YouTube is a great place to find lots of information about our extremely popular mechanical models, but if you’d like try one for yourself, you can browse our full range on our website www.ugears.online. From the amazing steam locomotive to the singularly unique Hurdy Gurdy, we have something to suit every taste and skill level.


Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to us about which of our models is ideal for your needs, call us on +44192 686 4282 and we’ll do our utmost to find the one that suits you best.


UGears models represent a leap forward in the hobby of model making and we hope that like many, you gain an understanding and appreciation for engineering with our products.