Roadster Model

Whether you’re looking for a stimulating pastime for yourself this Christmas or a thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one, it can be a tricky process with so many products available online. So, with this in mind, we’re here to make your search that much simpler by introducing you to the UGears range of self-assembly 3D mechanical wooden models.


You don’t have to be a modelling expert to enjoy one of our self-assembly wooden models either, as we have a range of choices to suit you, whether you’re a seasoned model-builder or someone who’s completely new to the hobby. Here we take a look at what’s possible when 100% natural materials are put in the hands of talented design engineers.


The Beginner Range


We begin with the mechanical wooden models that have been designed for novice model-builders, which are just as impressive and stimulating as our more complex options. Looking at models like the Geneva Drive and the Date Navigator you can see that despite being at the easier end of the scale, these wonderful self-assembly wooden creations feature moving parts and require nothing other than patience to piece together.


That’s because every single laser-cut piece of high-quality plywood is crafted so precisely that they don’t need any glue, nails, screws or even tools to construct. When we say self-assembly, we mean it in every sense of the word!


The Intermediate Range

 Chronograph model

Now we move to the intermediate range, which features fantastic choices like the Chronograph and the Combine, which as you can see are intricate wooden models that are equally at home being used as a decoration for your home. These 3D mechanical wooden models can move under their own power too, as they get their energy from ingenious rubber-band motors, with some even able to travel several meters on one charge!


The Expert Range

 Locomotive model

Lastly, we look at some of our most complex wooden models from the expert range, which include incredibly intricate options like the Steam Locomotive and the Roadster. These impressive models echo some of the most iconic engineering designs from history and they’re ideal for those looking for a challenge.


Many hours of dedication has gone into creating our 3D wooden mechanical model range, with the designs allowing the viewer to see each cog and wheel spinning whilst the model is in motion. When you see it for yourself, we know you’ll be impressed!


In addition to the hours of stimulation you’ll have putting them together, these robust plywood creations are tough enough to offer hours of playtime fun. They won’t fall apart like other, more flimsy models will and can be enjoyed without fear of breaking them for years and years.


Want to See More?


At UGears, we have new and exciting models coming out all the time and that’s in addition to the large range you can already find on our website If you truly are looking for a modelling experience with a difference and you’re willing to have your modelling skill put to the test, we just know that you’ll love our each and every single one we have in stock!


There are quite a few to choose from on our website, so if you have any trouble deciding, why not give our helpful, friendly team a call on +441926 864282 and they’ll help find you your perfect model.


Thanks for reading and we wish you a happy modelling Christmas from the entire UGears team! We’ll be back again soon with more from the world of eco-friendly model building.