Windmill Model

What could be more relaxing than spending an afternoon sipping tea by the riverside in the shadow of a gorgeous working windmill? Well, we would suggest that creating a wonderful three-dimensional mechanical plywood model of a windmill comes a close second!


As part of our larger range of gorgeous and expertly crafted mechanical models, the Tower Windmill from UGears is an intricately detailed reproduction of the windmill created by 17th century nobleman, astrologer and mathematician Sir Edward Peyto.


Relaxed, Enriching Enjoyment

It’s well known that hobbying and crafting as a pastime is one of the most relaxing things to do and this 3D plywood mechanical model offers this and more. Not only is relaxing to assemble, but the finished product will leave you opened-mouthed, such is the detail and precision that has gone into making it.


Our windmill model would still be a sight to behold if it were a static model, but the fact that it is able to move and under its own power makes it even more special. With a stunning Steampunk design and an inner-mechanism that belies the fact that it needs neither batteries nor glue to put together, anyone successfully completing it will be rightly and justifiably proud of themselves.


Poetry in Motion

Tower Windmill

The windmill’s sails are silently and elegantly propelled around using a removable rubber band motor, which itself requires just a few twists to build up the requisite kinetic energy. Once in full flight, the fact that this model is able to do what it does without the need for adhesives and batteries is quite extraordinary when you think about it.


Our models are amongst the most ecologically-friendly on the market, as they are almost entirely created from a single sheet of responsibly-sourced plywood. The only non-wooden parts you’ll find in a UGears model might be the occasional elastic band or two and maybe some organically-produced twine. There’s just no comparison to traditional plastic model kits that are messy and made from harmful, non-biodegradable materials.


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