If you’ve ever looked into taking up model making as a hobby, you’ll realise that there are a lot of choices out there, each with their own pros and cons. However, none have quite the elegance in design as those offered by UGears - the experts in 3D precision engineered plywood models. An enormous amount of thought and skill has gone into creating each model in the UGears 3D mechanical range and here we take a look at just a few of the truly unique designs available.


The Blooming Flower

 Flower Mechanical model

The intricate form of the Blooming Flower is a sight to behold and one that shows what’s possible when naturally occurring design meets engineering skill. Created from responsibly sourced plywood, this beautiful 3D mechanical model mimics the shape of a flower, with the petals able to be opened using its clockwork mechanism to reveal a choice of a dancing ballerina, a ring pedestal or whatever you choose to put there.


It’s a design unlike any you’ll find anywhere else and one that you’ll want to display somewhere prominent in your home - especially as you’ll have assembled it yourself!


The Theatre

 UGears Theater wooden model

The next 3D mechanical plywood model we look at is The Theatre which is a truly captivating representation of a theatre stage, featuring all the elements you’d expect from epic play. Characters include a King, a Prince, a Castle, a Witch, a Dragon, a Prince and even a Jester which are brought into the scene by spinning the model’s many cogs and wheels. Fantastically detailed and with a distinctly Persian design, this is a model that will entertain you for hours.


The Horse Mechanoid

 Horse Mechanoid wooden model

The last of our examples is the intriguing Horse Mechanoid 3D plywood model, which was a real challenge for the designers to create. The project involved creating a stable model that could move under its own power, but also replicate the graceful movement of a living, breathing horse. The aim was achieved with aplomb, as this uniquely fashioned model is a true quadruped, with each foot moving independently from the others. Anyone with a love for horses, engineering or even just beautiful things, will simply love this model.


No Batteries, No Glue, No Mess


The models that exist in the UGears range are amazing for a number of reasons, not least being the fact that they are created almost entirely from responsibly sourced plywood, require no batteries to achieve motion and absolutely no glue to assemble. That also means that putting a UGears model together won’t create the mess that usually comes with constructing traditional plastic models.


If you would like to know more about UGears models and the intense pleasure that comes with completing one, we’d recommend that you take a look around our website www.ugears.online where you can find our range in its entirety. Alternatively, if you want help in finding the right model for your needs, call us on +44192 686 4282 and we’ll guide you to your perfect purchase.


Thanks for reading. We’ll be back with more soon from the world of stimulating eco-friendly model making.