Christmas in the modern day can be very digitally oriented, with much of the time being spent in front of the TV or playing video games. However, there’s only so many computer games that can be played and movies that can be watched during the holidays before it all becomes….well, a bit boring. Which then raises the question…”what can we do now?”

Well, we would like to introduce to you a pastime that not only harks back to the days before smartphones and games consoles, but also back to the day when the only video games were those found down at the arcade. We’re talking about the wonderful world of model making - but with a twist!

At UGears, we supply wonderfully ornate eco-friendly construction kits and mechanical 3D puzzles, suitable for all ages and skill levels. Precision engineered purely from wood, they offer a captivating experience full of wonder, as you place each intricate piece together. Created from sustainably sourced plywood and using no glues or adhesives whatsoever in their construction, there are dozens of different designs to choose from.

Moving Parts

Despite being made solely from wood, our amazing models are actually living, breathing, moving creations that will wow everyone who sees them in their completed form. Perhaps you fancy trying your hand at putting together a working model of a U-9 Grand Prix Car or maybe you would like the challenge of creating a Chronograph that can actually measure time!

Don’t worry if it looks a little complicated, as we have models suitable for a range of different abilities. All that is required is a passion for creating things and an enjoyment from achieving something special.

Quality Craftsmanship

Often, models are given as presents at Christmas and they barely make it into the New Year before they’re either damaged or falling apart. Not so with Ugears, as the robust nature of our products means that you’ll be enjoying your creation for years to come and not just while the Christmas decorations are still up!

No Batteries!

So eco-friendly are our models that they don’t even require batteries, despite having moving parts. All of the movement that occurs is due to a combination of carefully placed rubber bands and our world famous precision design, meaning each part fits together like hand in glove.

So, if you’re thinking of trying something different from the same, tired old pastimes this Christmas, why not consider trying one of our beautiful models to wile away the hours. The great thing is that everyone can get involved and the result is something that you’ll remember forever.

For more information on all the products we offer or to order your first UGears model, visit our website, where you’ll find everything you need to know.

Thanks for reading. Everyone at UGears wishes you a joyous Christmas, full of creative cheer. Until next time, happy crafting!