Best Christmas Gift for Your Friend

3D wooden puzzles are brain stimulating problems that test one’s ingenuity. Besides providing mere entertainment, they are great for bonding with family – putting together these mechanical puzzles as a team lets you spend quality time with loved ones.

Ugears Mechanical Models plywood sheets

There are numerous benefits of 3D mechanical puzzles, so it is undoubtedly one of the best gifts you can get your friend this Christmas – take a look:

Improve IQ

Research states that solving puzzles helps raise the IQ (intelligence quotient) level of the player. Puzzles force the solver to think and reason. They force the player to use their general knowledge, memory, spatial imagery, logic and problem solving skills. The intellect sharpens by learning how to overcome challenges.

Enhance skills

Education involves enhancing skills such as developing research skills, improving spelling and language skills, improving reasoning ability, developing the power of concentration and increasing creative abilities. According to puzzle experts at, a person solving a puzzle reasons in a logical way, arranges the problem in the mind, recognizes patterns and deduces solutions to reach a desired solution.

A group of people assembling UGears Models

Improve concentration

Concentration is required to solve a brainteaser. Therefore puzzles can help increase the attention span in both adults and children. By varying the difficulty level of the challenge, the level of required concentration can be controlled. Once an individual is comfortable with a level, the difficulty can be increased to push the brain to concentrate harder.

Boost problem solving skills

Since the goal of solving any puzzle is to find a solution to a problem, puzzles help improve the critical thinking ability of an individual. A person learns patience, determination and organization i.e., how to break big and complex problems into smaller and easily solvable portions. A sense of accomplishment is achieved when an individual solves a puzzle. This also helps boost the confidence level in their ability to solving problems or taking up challenges.

Assembling UGears Mechanical Models

Improve Productivity

Generally, solving problems in the form of puzzles is considered more interesting and is found to increase the overall productivity level. Nowadays, they are used so students can learn, grasp and memorize subject area content with less effort involved on their part. The concepts are learned subconsciously while playing a mind involving game.

Ugears Mechanical Models

Isn’t it a wonderful choice on your part to present a 3D puzzle to your friend on Christmas? The gallery at UGears beckons – start shopping without further delay. You could end up buying something for yourself too.





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