Ugears.Online can present our secret model - a truck.
 It passed all tests and is ready to find new owners.

After World War I demand for tracks in the United States extremely increased.
One of the reasons - the appearance of high quality roads.

Trucks have replaced horses everywhere, except of few delivery services in some large cities.
It can be said that America had a transport revolution in the second part of the 20th century.

Truck from Ugears is the ideal mechanical carrier to deliver gifts to your friends.
Model with rubber engine can overcome a distance of more than 5 meters.
Truck can also work a few seconds in idle turning over the four-cylinder in-line engine.
It has a working gas pedal, switch to "throttle position" in the maximal mode, switch of forward and reverse driving, idling and handbrake.
The wheels are turning by the rudder from of the cab and are hung on springs. Bottom car has driveshaft.
Truck is capable to carry heavy loads.