3D Wooden Puzzles – An Educational Activity that Brings the Family Together

It has already been established that 3D wooden mechanical puzzles are an important learning tool that can be used to enhance child development. This incredibly well rounded learning tool helps to capture attention, fine tune motor skills, boost creativity, encourage success, and improve confidence.

A boy putting together mechanical construction kit UGears

Reasons to buy wooden puzzles for kids

  • Children use adaptable thinking and deductive reasoning skills when they find different ways to put the pieces together. They gain the ability to think abstractly, determine where a puzzle piece may fit, and figure out what type of shape would be needed to fill that space.
  • Playing with 3D puzzles encourages imagination and creativity when arranging the pieces.
  • They offer opportunities to expand social skills as well. When children work cooperatively to complete a puzzle they engage in conversation. They develop a plan to solve the puzzle, take turns and help each other solve problems as they arise.
  • The act of manipulating each piece, turning it and testing the fit, is the way children learn to problem solve and develop critical thinking.
  • 3D mechanical pieces build eye-hand coordination. The ability to coordinate what the eye sees, the mind wants to do, and what the hands can accomplish takes a lot of practice. Puzzles offer an enjoyable way to practice this skill while encouraging independence.
  • When a child works on a puzzle until completion the child is developing persistence. Once the puzzle is solved the child can feel a sense of accomplishment which boosts his independence and self esteem.

Why are they so popular among families?

3D wooden puzzles are bringing families together! Instead of dad on the TV in the living room, mom on the phone in the kitchen, son killing ninjas on his video game console, and daughter instant messaging in her bedroom, each member of the family is bonding, laughing and interacting through these puzzles. This is a remarkable educational activity that excels at taking the disassembled family and stringing them back as one unit! Rather than everyone spending time apart despite living under the same roof, they are motivated to enjoy each other’s company.

A collection of Ugears mechanical models

UGears has a lovely compilation of wooden puzzles in various structures that help to hone skills while allowing everyone to have fun at the same time. They make wonderful gifts for occasions like birthdays and holidays, and can become a part of home décor due to their visual appeal. Ready to take your pick from their collection?