Patented Invention Pioneer Product!

We are introducing the world's first mechanical 3D models, designed for self-assembly.UGears are perfectly designed, laser precision manufactured, construction kits, which provide a pure joy to assemble.

What distinguishes UGears from other models for self-assembly available on the market?

The heart of the precise mechanisms consists of all sorts of cogs, rods, pendulums and gears. Put together, they make a unique, moving model with manual winding. Such a mechanism, set in motion, looks like a Swiss watch through a magnifying glass of a watchmaker. The analogy is not groundless, as both passion and precision with which UGears models are designed and constructed make them comparable to the works of the finest craftsmen.

Who are they intended for? For anyone who likes crafts, interesting hobbies, working with their hands and beautiful high-quality eco-friendly products ... for anyone who would like to teach children how to construct, think logically and show them the laws of motion and kinetics... for anyone who would like to treat a special person or themselves with a very special gift. For anyone who would like to join a growing number of fans of these unique and beautiful models… It’s For Everyone.