It’s a good idea to think of something extraordinary to give to your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day. You can add in our UGears Special Wooden Kits to your usual flowers, chocolates, or jewelry. It will make the gifts extra special with a seasoned touch of handmade wooden artistry.

Treasure Box

If you have been in a relationship for years, chances are you’ve given each other jewelry before. Jewelry giving is a usual sign of devotion in a relationship, a devotion that is meant to last a lifetime. And as such, jewelry pieces should be kept in good condition.

This wooden puzzle treasure box will be a centerpiece on your vanity. It can be argued that is as beautiful as the jewelry it keeps inside. Fleur de Lis patterns are laser cut on the lid, while various other patterns adorn the sides. To open it, you just take out the circular key at the top of the lid by rotating it to free it from the floral pattern, inserting it in the keyhole at the front, and rotating the small knob. The lid will then magically open to reveal its contents. To close it, you just need to do the steps in reverse.


Blooming Flower


Almost every little girl dreamt of being a ballerina. And girls also adore flowers as well. Bring these two loves together with this enchanting mechanical blooming flower with a ballerina inside. It is like one of those music boxes that were all the rave before.

Designed with serene flowers enveloping the ballerina who rotates while the petals unfold. The ballerina can also be replaced by a wreath of flora which can serve as a platform for your favorite bracelet. Even the ballerina can tote a ring!

Everything is made from quality plywood that can last for years. The designs are laser-cut into the wood for precision. For assembly, there is no need for scissors or adhesives.