Ask anyone who grew up in the 1970s, 1980s or 1990s about what was involved in modelling as a hobby and they’ll invariably refer to the plastic model kits that were ubiquitous at the time. The majority of the manufacturers have, for decades, used injection moulded plastics to create their products, which can be really delicate to put together properly and quite flimsy when completed.

However, aside from the quality issues of these type of plastic models, it’s one of their main characteristics - what they’re made from - that causes most concern. Unfortunately, injection moulded plastics aren’t biodegradable meaning that if and when they find their way into the waste system, they’re there for a very long time and with plastic pollution everywhere in the news right now, the fewer plastics we produce and use, the better.

Eco-Friendly Models

At UGears, we have bucked this trend completely, by offering a stunning range of eco-friendly models that are almost completely created from plywood. Every single piece of every single model that we produce is precision cut with a laser, which means that there is little or no waste created during their creation and the only non-wooden element is the elastic band that some use to propel their moving parts.

 Sustainable Forest Stocks

 You may ask where we source our plywood from, which is a very good question and one we’re happy to answer. All of our models are created from wood that has been sourced from sustainable forest stocks, meaning that there is no environmental impact throughout their lifecycle. Not only that, but our plywood models are extremely sturdy and will last for years.

No Adhesives Needed


Another aspect to UGears models that make them super-green is that there are no adhesives of any kind required to put them together. Each one is precision engineered to fit together so well that each piece simply clicks into place. That certainly doesn’t mean that UGears models are basic, as you can see by taking a looking at our range by following this link. On our website, you ’ll see just how intricate and detailed our mechanical construction kits are. Some can even move under their own power!

Suitable For All Skill Levels

Despite seeming quite complex at first glance, our laser-cut mechanical models are suitable for novices and skilled modellers alike. Whether you’re new to model building or a seasoned hand, we have a choice in our range for you and you won’t need any special tools to complete your model either. Everything you could possibly need is in the box already!

Take a Browse Through our Impressive Range

To fully appreciate just how good our mechanical models are, we recommend that you browse through our website. It might just alter your perception of what it’s possible to create in modelling, as amongst our products we have chronographs, musical instruments, treasure boxes, working locks and much more for you to make - each one representing an amazing keepsake for your home once completed.

If you have any questions or you would like some guidance on which of our models is most suitable for you, you can call our friendly team on +44192 686 4282 and they’ll be able to walk you through your options.