Steam Train Model

The industrial revolution began in the 18th century and it changed the face of the world we live in forever. Beginning in Britain and spreading around the world, engineers were the rockstars of their day and for good reason. Suddenly, journeys that once took weeks to complete, became possible in days or even hours. This was a golden age for engineering design and our clever designers have managed to recreate a little of the magic from this most pivotal of eras in human history in our 3D V-Express Steam Train mechanical model.


A Classic Design

From the coupling rods that join the steam engine’s wheels together to the pistons that provide the raw power that drives the train forwards, the UGears engineers have really captured the spirit of the steam age. Whilst our 3D mechanical plywood model moves almost silently along its almost 2½ metres of track that comes with the kit, it does so with such authenticity, you can almost hear the hiss and thunder of the real thing as it used to speed along.


The devil, as they say, is in the detail and this wonderful model has plenty of that. You’ve got an elegant cylinder-piston design along the sides of the model, along with both a forward and reverse gear. This allows coupling with the V-Express steam train’s tender to occur before moving away under its own power in forward gear. Believe it or not, this model can move up to 4 metres on a single wind of the rubber-band engine and if you want just to see the internal cogs moving around in poetic motion, the engine even has an idle gear.


Then there’s the coal car that has lifting sides that can be locked with a latch and the doors that open to the furnace in the driver’s cabin. Every effort has been made to create a truly authentic steam train masterpiece.


Green, Clean Fun

Whilst the gorgeous aesthetics of this 3D mechanical model are impressive to the beholder, what is perhaps even more amazing is that this has all been achieved without the need for glue, without the need for the use of any kind of plastics and without the need for batteries. Created from a single sheet of plywood that’s been sourced from sustainable, managed forests, the V-Express Steam Train and all other UGears models are perhaps the most eco-friendly products of their type in existence.


Not only that but the joy and sense of accomplishment that comes with assembling models like this one offers is something everyone should feel. Putting one of our beautiful kits together with your own two hands is a real soul-enriching experience and it’s something that requires no computers nor smart devices to complete. UGears models represent truly classic analogue fun and for people of all ages and skill levels


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