Are you thinking of a Christmas gift for him? This Christmas, express your love for him in a unique and special way. Instead of giving him the usual gifts like flowers, perfume or watch, give something better. The wooden gifts by UGears are the perfect option. In this article, we have listed some of the best Christmas gift ideas.

Let’s take a look at the wooden gift ideas for your special one.

Treasure Box

The Treasure Box by UGears is a great puzzle box for keeping notes and watch. The box has exquisite intricate carved work on the sides and lid. You can see the system of the box that gears try to hide. For someone who loves to solve a puzzle, this is a great gift for them. If you can solve the secrets of the treasure box, only then you can enjoy its beautiful mechanics. If you think you need a key to open this, you are you wrong, the key is in the carved lid. You can open the box by taking out the key and turn it slightly. In order to get the key, you have to solve the puzzle.

When you open the box, there will be a small compartment for keeping small items like your ring or cufflinks. You can have a peace of mind that your secrets are safe with the Treasure Box.

You can easily assemble the box with the help of the manual provided with it. You can watch the video of the treasure box being assembled.


Rails and Crossing

This is a great kit to gift your partner, this includes a railroad and a crossing. The kit includes 4 meters of track that you can assemble easily. The construction and building kit are a designed very attentively. The product has a crossing with stop barriers that can be raised through a lever.

If your loved ones have a passion to create things and love train, this is a great gift. We offer you premium quality products that are made from plywood. We only use quality materials so it can last for longer periods. One of the reasons why you should give it a gift is that there is no need of glue. You will not need any special tools. The pre-cut pieces can easily be snapped together.

You can follow the steps that are mentioned in the manual provided with the kit. Whether your partner loves construction or puzzle, the wooden mechanical products are the best gift.

Overall, give your special one a great surprise by giving him the perfect Christmas gift. We, at UGears, offer you easy to assemble products that require no glue. You will not have sticky hands when assembling the products. This Christmas show your loved one your unconditional love by getting him the perfect gift. This will certainly leave him wondering how on earth he can find someone like you!