There’s little doubt that we’ve all had a lot more time on our hands recently with social distancing continuing much longer than any of us anticipated. The fact is that there’s only so much Netflix you can watch, so what to do when boredom creeps in? Well, the answer might just lie in mechanical models from Wooden City.

Taking the concept of modelling to an entirely new level, these amazing creations offer mental stimulation without the usual mess that modelling using brings. What’s more, these are not static wooden models - rather engineering masterpieces that can move under their own power!

The Enigmatic Grandfather Clock

A beautiful example of what we mean can be seen in the wonderfully crafted Grandfather Clock, which looks staggeringly close to the real thing. As you see its clockwork mechanism move in glorious synchronised motion, it’s difficult to keep in mind that it’s a laser-cut wooden mechanical model - not brass like the real thing.

In fact, even the cogs and gears inside are made from would, with the drive being provided by a simple elastic band. No adhesive is needed to piece this sophisticated model together - only patience and time.

The V8 Engine

Another incredible 3D wooden model that can be used to wile away the hours is the V8 engine [Link], which is the perfect challenge for anyone with an appreciation for automotive engineering. With 8 pistons - just like it’s real-world namesake - and a fully working wooden motor mechanism, it’s a model that you will enjoy from the first moment to the last.

If you’ve ever wondered how real-life engines work, putting this masterpiece together will certainly give you a better understanding of the way top-level engineers think.

The Globe

Lastly, we look at the Globe, which is another 3D mechanical model that works equally well as a home decoration as it does as a model and a plaything. It’s a perfect option for young modellers as it allows fun to be had at the same time as perhaps even learning some geography.

Beautifully designed and again 100% eco-friendly, this amazing wooden model is another of the wide selection available from Wooden City.

Pick Them Up Whenever You Feel the Urge

As Wooden City products can be put together without nails, screws or any type of glue, you get a much cleaner hobby that doesn’t need its own area to be kept safe whilst it’s in a mid-construction state. With 3D wooden models like these to enjoy, you just pick them up when you want to, meaning a much less stressful experience.

These mechanical creations really do take modelling to a whole new level and are attracting interest from people who’ve never before felt the draw of a pastime like this. Perhaps it will lead to more people putting their smartphones down and turning to some traditional analogue fun.

An Altogether More Wholesome Pastime

So if you would like to know more about the Globe, the V8 Engine, the Grandfather Clock or any of the many enchanting options in the Wooden City range, why not visit us online at and take a look around? We’ve got an amazing selection of wooden models, as well as other equally incredible metal and electronic model ranges to enjoy.

Alternatively, should you need any help or advice before making your purchase, our team is more than happy to provide you with the assistance you need. Simply email us at and we’ll endeavour to provide you with answers as quickly as we can.