Being in a long-distance relationship can be really difficult because you have to make up for the lack of physical connection in various other ways, like frequent video chats or sending gifts to each other, which can be costly.

To save money without losing sentiment, you can send them one of our wooden sets:

Date Navigator

Today, even our calendars are modernized because of technology, but sometimes there’s just an inexplicable delight in a more classical method for things. This vintage calendar, or date navigator as we call it, can help you plan for future dates with your long-distance boyfriend.

The process is simple: you just set the month and year at the top, and it shows the days of the week. The numbers and months are marked on premium grade plywood with beautiful inlays of gear shifts inside to set the dates. It also has a small puncture at the top, so you can use this as a decor or as a trinket for your bag. The date navigator is set to last until the year 2044!

Made from premium grade plywood, the details are laser-cut. You won’t be needing special wood glue to put the parts together either. All you have to do is connect the parts through the slits on them.



A wooden chronograph may be just the solution for your boyfriend if he’s struggling to keep his daily schedule on track. A lot of people who are having trouble staying on top of their tasks opt for a timer to divide their time among each task so that they will be able to accomplish more for the day. You can even use this to find time for your boyfriend. Say you have work, but you still want to dedicate time for him – you can set a 20-minute video call for catch-up daily, just to say “goodnight” and “I love you.” The timer can be set for one to twenty minutes, enough time to devote to making progress.

Who needs timers on your phones, right? This is a better option. And it doesn’t need to take hours and hours of building because we have easy-to-follow instructions for everyone.


There you have it, some special wooden kits to send to your special man from miles away. You can add these to your love package.