Marriages can sometimes lose the sparks of young love. Stolen moments of passion and surprise gifts become scarce. Marriage shouldn’t be a reason to lay low with the love show but instead should be a reason to step up your game. And wives shouldn’t be the only ones who should be showered with love – hubbies deserve their piece of cake too.

Here are some perfect gifts to show your undying love for your hubby:

Truck UGM-11

This pseudo-automated truck functions like our Grand Prix model. It’s a wooden model of a real-life vintage pickup truck. The truck can go R (Reverse), N (Neutral), and D (Drive) just like any real car. The compartment also opens and can make an adorable storage for small office items like paper clips, or even business cards. If you want to use it for more than as a decorative piece, you can play with it as it has rubberized wheels to protect from rough dirt roads. The steering wheel can even maneuver the direction of the truck if you open the driver’s side.

All pieces are made from laser-cut premium plywood, guaranteed to last for years.


Tanker, Ladder and Trailer

To transform your truck into a firetruck or a tanker truck, you can just add tweak the back.

For the firetruck, you can fasten the detachable ladder which can also extend just like a real-life fire truck. A small hook is attached at the end for lifting small crates or whatnot.

For the tanker truck, the back magically flips open to reveal a small compartment inside. In this case, we have a can of soda inside. It might be cool to store his soda inside for his soccer game marathon. 




It doesn’t always have to be cars. You might have never heard of luxury tractors, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a liking to industrial equipment.

The tractor can run on three modes: 1) Drive Mode: it can go up to 5cm per second, an equal ratio to a real-life tractor’s speed; 2) Neutral Mode: or idle or standby mode; and 3) Sports Mode: where it can run for 80cm per second. You can see the pistons and gears moving as it goes, thanks to the visibility panels on the side.

Made from quality plywood, this model can last a long time without wearing out or getting damaged. For better results, you may apply wood varnish to seal out damaging agents.