Since Valentine’s Day is centered around everything pink, floral, or filled with hearts, it can be tricky to find a manly gift for the special man in your life.

We’ve rounded up some of our wooden kits to give as gifts for him this season:


Steam Locomotive

Boys had their toy train sets when they were younger, but now that they are grown men, it’s can be difficult for them to get their hands on one. But this wooden steam locomotive is the perfect alternative train set for the big boys.

A complete set of wheels, pistons, spinning gears, and even a pullout staircase, with keen details replicate a real-life steam engine from the early 1900s. To make the train move like its real-life counterpart, you just need to toggle on the lever by the driver’s window and your wooden steam engine is running. The set also includes a railway for it to be realistic.

And believe it or not, you do not need batteries or electricity to make this train go Choo-choo!


Railway Platform

To make our steam locomotive even more marvelous, you can add this railway platform set.

The set comes with the platform itself, slates and columns, a clock, a bench, a lamp, and a staircase. It even has beautiful railings on two corners, all laser-cut. And there’s a secret: a small drawer is located under the platform in case you want to keep some cash or important trinkets out of eyesight. You just need to insert the key to open it.


U-9 Grand Prix Car

Toy cars are every boy’s go-to toy when they were younger, like girls and their dolls. Bring this home to your man to remind him of the good ol’ days.

This one is not just any ordinary wooden replica of a car – it’s a copy of one of the first racing cars to compete in the first Grand Prix, held in Italy in the 1900s. This wooden car can reverse or go forward just like any other car, all thanks to a link rod and a transmission to switch between them. For a smooth flow of movement and to avoid damage, the wheels are rubberized so you can even race this one in the dirt. It even has a spare tire attached to it, just in case.