For some, it’s harder to find gift options for males. And guys really are not bold on their wish list, so it can be harder for girls to figure out what kind of gifts to get them. Moreover, if you happen to pick the wrong one, they are less likely to voice their dissatisfaction. But you don’t have to struggle any longer.  

We have the best line of wooden kits in the market that can be gifted to anyone for any season:


Tram Line

The set not only includes the tram car and the rail, but also some dainty pieces like benches, ticket kiosk, clock, and even small people to complete a picturesque scene from the early 1900s.

There’s a footbridge that you can erect over the tram line and even put a pedestrian on it. There’s a tram depot to depict a tram car entering for its next trip. Lastly, there’s a tram stop where you can put the waiting benches, ticket kiosk, clock, etc. You can create your own little town center with this.

Most of UGears models can be put together like a little town in the countryside. Everything can be popped out and assembled without the use of scissors or glue.


Combine Harvester

While cars are the usual star of boys’ collections, there is just some odd satisfaction when you decide to get something out of the ordinary like this combine harvester.

It can run just like a real combine harvester by pulling it back – as the wheels reverse, the grinders also move. You can also just toggle the lever on the side to make it run forwards. It runs just as like a real combine harvester in the vast farmlands. All this is made possible by the simple rubber band method that “powers” the “engine” of the combine harvester. You don’t need batteries or electricity to make it run.

What’s best about it is it doesn’t take a mechanic to assemble one of these kits. The set includes an easy set of instructions that even school kids can follow to build this.