You only have three major opportunities in a year to shower your boyfriend with gifts: his birthday, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. And you, as a girlfriend, should make those chances count by choosing the best gift you can get him.

UGears offers you unique options to stun your man on this special day:

Rail Manipulator

A hand-automated rail manipulator model made of wood might be the game changer you’re looking for. Men love tinkering with things, so they will love spending hours building and playing with this set.

This rail manipulator set can be joined with the steam locomotive to create a more fully complete model. The claw can be moved either manually or by rotating the valve. It even has a tiny wooden operator inside the machine to imitate the real-life process. The claws fit the hitches punched through the small crates so you can lift and transport them around the model.

The small designs are laser-cut into premium plywood and assembly does not require any glue or adhesives.



One of the greatest inventions, the steam engine, now comes in a minuscule, wooden version that simulates the original on invented by James Watt in the 1780s. It’s astonishing to see how an all-wood replica of the steam engine functions almost as if it’s real. The model has two small compartments to store the smaller components and an air balloon to gauge the working speed. The heat powers the motor, enabling the device to start running without any electrical source of some sort. You just need to fasten together the parts – no adhesives needed!

It’s a great idea to add to your boyfriend’s collection if he loves specialty crafts and science.



An astonishing miniature wooden replica of early tramcars, this set can be a beautiful mobile decor for your home.

To make the tramcar run, the rubber band mechanism pushes it forward across the rails. You can have the rails in its normal mode or you can have it tilted to mimic a tramcar traveling up or down a hillslope.

All the parts are made from plywood and the designs are laser-cut for precise results. It does not require glue or adhesives to construct.