Running out of ideas of what to give your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day? You no longer need to worry.

Valentine’s Day is one of the days you can go all out to show your appreciation for your man. It is only natural that you should think of the best gift he will ever receive from his special girl.

Here are some awesome Valentine’s gift ideas for your boyfriend:

U-9 Grand Prix

Boys love cars. Cars love boys. It’s really a no-brainer statement. And some of the big boys like it vintage. This real-life model of a racing car can be the newest addition to their toy car collection.

It has all the functionalities of a real car: it can drive, reverse, or sit in neutral. For a smoother ride, the wheels were lined with rubber so it can practically travel on any surface manageable without slipping or turning over. It even has a steering wheel, a driver’s seat, a spare wheel, and a faint monogramed number on the front. The slatted hood allows you to watch the gears grind as it goes.

The assembly does not require any screws or adhesives like glue or tape. You just need to fit together the hinges on each part and, voila! Your car is ready to race.



Boys can be clumsy with their important stuff. They practically just put them anywhere they can and then forget about them later. Give them a hand and teach them to be more responsible and organized by gifting them this wooden safe.

Just like any other safe, this one comes with a code to open it. You can set and change the three-digit code anytime you desire. You can put any small valuable items inside, such as a watch, some cash, or even important keys for safekeeping. And you don’t have to worry about it damaging within months because it is made of good-quality plywood that can last for years.

This miniature wooden safe can be built within an hour or so with the easy-to-follow instructions.